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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Progress notes

Here we go again....


Pages of paper edits input: 433
Pages cut: 5
Words total: ~105K manuscript
Manuscript pages: 428
Reason for stopping: Bed time
Stimulants: Russian caravan, rooibos
Mammalian assistance: Marlowe snuggly, Paladin needy, Mebd pushing the keyboard around, Mith wandering by to check out the lay of the land. It's nice to have been missed.
Scenes remaining to write: 13, possibly 14. (I hold in my hand a list.)
Last exercise: Walking around San Diego, with emphasis on Balboa Park and the Convention Center. Lots.

Finished reading: Elmore Leonard, Pagan Babies; William Gibson, Pattern Recognition; Robin McKinley, Sunshine; John Gardner, The Art of Fiction : Still reading: Jonathan D. Spence, The Search for Modern China; Ladislav Bittman, The KGB and Soviet Disinformation : an insider's view


Yep. It's going to run over 110K, probably close to 115-120K by the time I'm done. I hope Anne's feeling generous with a few extra pages, 'cause I dunno what the heck I'd cut...

'Course, the argument could be made that I owe them a few pages, since Hammered came in at 105K. *g* And it is the third book of a trilogy. There's a lot of loose ends to tie up in a 350-thousand-word plot arc.

I'm very relaxed about this second draft now, though. The book reread better than I feared, I think I have the logical gaps plugged up, my handwaving isn't too bad, and most of what I have to add is character development stuff, because I was so very focused on this complicated multithreaded plot that I, er, kind of forgot to establish a bunch of stuff before I needed it. But I know everything I need to do, and it's all well within my capabilities.

That's kind of a nice feeling.


Ooh, that is a nice feeling.

I am trying to get a day or half day off this week so I can write. I am feeling the need to add some more of the necessary new stuff so I don't lose the hang of it.
Conscious competence beats conscious incompetence every day of the week.

That is indeed great news. The feeling that on the one hand the draft is good, and on the other it will be strengthened by a bit more attention. A fantastic place to be.
Well, I dunno if it's *good*--but it's as good as I can make it right now.
Then perhaps you're in a decent place instead of a fantastic one. Perhaps fantastic will have to wait until you're all done.
*g* Alas, I'm never really that overfond of my own work. Which I think is a good thing. It keeps me trying harder.
Ladislav Bittman, The KGB and Soviet Disinformation : an insider's view

How is this? I've been trying to learn more about the end of the Soviet era and the KGB. Heck, espionage in general is interesting (love your spy icons, by the way).
Thank you!

So far it's dry and self-serving, but providing some interesting tidbits that may come in useful when I get around to writing the Spy Book (aka One-Eyed Jack)