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Progress notes

Here we go again....


Pages of paper edits input: 433
Pages cut: 5
Words total: ~105K manuscript
Manuscript pages: 428
Reason for stopping: Bed time
Stimulants: Russian caravan, rooibos
Mammalian assistance: Marlowe snuggly, Paladin needy, Mebd pushing the keyboard around, Mith wandering by to check out the lay of the land. It's nice to have been missed.
Scenes remaining to write: 13, possibly 14. (I hold in my hand a list.)
Last exercise: Walking around San Diego, with emphasis on Balboa Park and the Convention Center. Lots.

Finished reading: Elmore Leonard, Pagan Babies; William Gibson, Pattern Recognition; Robin McKinley, Sunshine; John Gardner, The Art of Fiction : Still reading: Jonathan D. Spence, The Search for Modern China; Ladislav Bittman, The KGB and Soviet Disinformation : an insider's view


Yep. It's going to run over 110K, probably close to 115-120K by the time I'm done. I hope Anne's feeling generous with a few extra pages, 'cause I dunno what the heck I'd cut...

'Course, the argument could be made that I owe them a few pages, since Hammered came in at 105K. *g* And it is the third book of a trilogy. There's a lot of loose ends to tie up in a 350-thousand-word plot arc.

I'm very relaxed about this second draft now, though. The book reread better than I feared, I think I have the logical gaps plugged up, my handwaving isn't too bad, and most of what I have to add is character development stuff, because I was so very focused on this complicated multithreaded plot that I, er, kind of forgot to establish a bunch of stuff before I needed it. But I know everything I need to do, and it's all well within my capabilities.

That's kind of a nice feeling.

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