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In other news, I can't believe I'm writing a urinal scene.

The weird stuff you have to think about writing SF.Like, will they still be using controlled-access architecture for bathrooms in sixty years, or will they have something else?

And will bathrooms be co-ed in 2063?

The concept of a coeducational bathroom itself is pretty amusing. I'm picturing anatomical charts, and whiteboards over the urinals.

New Words: ~1000
Scenes added: 1
Scenes disposed of from outline: 1
Pages cut: None
Words total: ~112,250 manuscript
Manuscript pages: 449
Reason for stopping: sleepy and stupid
Stimulants: Lemon lime seltzer, peach Edy's all-fruit popsicle, Bushmill's
Mammalian assistance: Marlowe headbumps, clinging, and general nagging
Scenes remaining to write: 9
Last exercise: Still sluglike. Chairdancing to Gino Vaneli too slight to count.
Tyop du jour: "General," he said, and made a little boy in lieu of offering his hand.

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