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Aren't I a mammal? Aren't *I* a *mammal*?

So I have this stuff. Animax ointment. nystatin-neomycin-sulfa-etc etc etc broad spectrum antibiotic ointment, prescription-strength, "for veterinary use only."

Which we got for the mastiff's hot spots.

Let me tell you, not only is it *sovereign* for infected cat scratches (It turns out my flesh-eating bacteria wasn't weirdly localized sunburn after all, but a cat scratch on my lip--Thank you, Mr. Fish-Hook Feet), but this stuff kills zits like nothing else under the sun.

Now I know why you never see a veterinarian with bad skin.

(We have a long history around here of using vet drugs on humans, I fear. Shhh. Nobody tell the FDA.)
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