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Worldcon Program

Friday 3:00pm The Future of the Future
Elizabeth Bear
Judith Berman
Daniel Hatch
Dennis Livingston
Walter Jon Williams
The future looks different to many of us now than it did just a few years ago. To what degree is the concept of an open, freely imagined future under attack in our own culture, from either the right of the left. To what degree have larger cultural currents affected the SF portrayal of the future? And how does SF imagine its own future, or is it, too, stuck in a cycle of recurrence, of hankering for a restoration of its own golden Age? What is the outlook for the future?

Saturday11:00am Kaffeeklatsch
Elizabeth Bear
Pat Cadigan
Jack Dann
Don Maitz

Saturday 5:30pm Reading (0.5 hrs)
Elizabeth Bear

Monday 10:00am Writing Workshop (for Kids)
Elizabeth Bear

Monday 12:00 noonChickpunk?
Elizabeth Bear
M. M. Buckner
Chris Moriarty
Janine Ellen Young
Devoted to the wave pf women writing cyberpunk-influenced hard SF. Why now?

Monday 1:00pm The Mythology of Las Vegas (0.5 hrs)
Elizabeth Bear

Monday 2:00pm After the Fall
Elizabeth Bear
James Morrow
Nick Sagan
Mary Turzillo
It's the end of the world.....and civilization as we know it has collapsed. We all have different scenarios to what happens after - what's looking interesting these day? Explore this archetype of sf.

I can see I have some reading to do. *g* Anybody know any interesting tidbits about Las Vegas that I don't?

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