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Progress Notes, and a pleasant surprise

First, the really good news: Amber just told me that Jeremy just told her that our story "The Dying of the Light," published at Fortean Bureau, was given an honorable mention in this year's edition of Ellen Datlow, Gavin Grant, and Kelly Link's Year's Best Fantasy & Horror.

Not bad at all, for a little story that none of us seem to understand. Including the authors. And I still don't write horror. Nuh-uh. Look at me not writing horror.

I hear that other OWWers with listed stories include pnew8 has a story listed ("Along Your Way"), buymeaclue, tanaise, meritahut's "The Book of Things Which Must Not Be Remembered", Charles Coleman Finlay's "Lucy, in her Splendor," Sarah Prineas, Ben Rosenbaum, James Stevens-Arce and probably a few I missed, since I was making volunteers who actually have the book give me the list of names.

Non-OWWer but Very Cool Person truepenny also scored an honorable mention. Go you!

So, another book for me to buy.

So, I'm not actually really writing anything yet. I'm just sort of poking things and looking at One-Eyed Jack and Whiskey & Water to give them some head time. And writing things down as they come to me. Very low stress, and mostly while also doing other stuff.

That said, I appear to be writing two novels at once, since Whiskey & Water threw me a couple of chapter titles and a few paragraphs of what looks like the top of chapter one today (it wants *chapters!*) and I eked a few words out of One-Eyed Jack today, too, and scribbled a bunch of outline notes and stuff to address yesterday.

New Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 451
Whiskey & Water: 177
Combined new words: 708
Total Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 20,504
Whiskey & Water: 2,079
Mammalian Assistance: Headbumps from Marlowe, and Mebd helped with my nap, and Mithrandir needed to be combed.
Stimulants: Fresca
Exercise: We're just taking this one off the calendar until September or October. It's 110 out there.

Books started: Leah Bobet, The Toronto Story; Kate Atkinson, Human Croquet; Caroline Stevermer, When the King Comes Home
Books finished: Ruth Nestvold, Yseult; Leah Bobet, The Toronto Story
Books abandoned: That KGB thing (pg 80); Spence's The Search For Modern China (Declared too dense for actualreading and promoted to Reference shelf); Kate Atkinson, Human Croquet (Page 50 or so--I liked the History of the World parts, but once we got to the actual narrator and her actual life, I conceived a deep-seated dislike for her--the knell of death for a first-person narrator)

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