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Progress notes (3 August 2004):

New Words:
One-Eyed Jack: ~1250
Whiskey & Water: ~500
Combined new words: ~1750
Total Words:
One-Eyed Jack: ~21,750
Whiskey & Water: ~2,500
Mammalian Assistance: Scorned! Scorned!
Stimulants: lemon seltzer
Exercise: I really need to buy a Nordic Track. *g*

Books in progress: Caroline Stevermer, When the King Comes Home

Still very much in the poking-at-things-with-sharp-sticks phase of both Whiskey & Water and One-Eyed Jack. I spent about two hours yesterday seeing what Jackie would look like if I shoved it all into third person (I have two first person POV characters, currently, and three third-person POV characters--and there is actually a Valid Literary Excuse for this, if not quite an Actual Narrative Reason) and didn't like what that did either to Jackie's voice or Tribute's. Of course, there *is* a reason (or an excuse) to give them first-person POVs... and there are first-person rhetorical tricks I'm doing with both of them that I don't really want to sacrifice in the name of a foolish consistency.... and it's not like I'm establishing a track record of nice comfy safe tight third. Tangling up first and third, past and present tense, seems to be the way my brain works.

Ehn. Just because 3PL in fashion this decade doesn't mean it will be in fashion next decade. Viva la revolucion.

Meanwhile, the opening scene in Whiskey & Water is demanding third-POV objective. I wonder if the whole book will run that way? It certainly makes sense--Fairy-tale third for a book about fairy tales? Sure. Besides, I've been meaning to practice my 3P objective and omniscient, both. Poke, poke. Pokity poke. I am going to have to rip out 250 of the 500 words I wrote last night because they're pointless and reductive of conflict, but I do know what goes in their place. Excelsior!

Wasn't it more fun when writing was a mysterious process that took place far away, in little rooms, and all the reader ever needed to know about it was that perfect, jewel-like books emerged from a slot in the wall of some publishing company, ripe for the reader's enjoyment? With all of us writer types out here blogging our process, all the DVD commentary tracks on movies, all the srtists who blog their art--I suspect much of the mystery is being removed from art, and the craft exposed.

I'm not sure it's not better this way, though. If more embarassing for the writer/director/actor/artist. *g*

It's actually really nice to be writing something because I feel like writing, and feel like writing it, although I'm still trying to take as much of a break as I can talk my subconscious into taking.

I'm contemplating buying a computer game to distract myself from the writing thing for a while. I tend to write reflexively, because I've trained myself to sit down and do it every day--and most of my friends not being in Nevada, most of my social life is online, so I tend to be in front of the computer most of the time even when I'm not working. And I don't have much patience for television, and there's not much you can do outside in Las Vegas this time of year....

Which means I open files and poke at them, even when I don't really mean to.

The Sims may be the answer. *g*

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