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Mindless nattering that will only be funny to fans of sixties television--move along

Sooo... I did buy and install (only took three tries, and I'm glad I did it on the laptop and not my four year old desktop) The Sims Double Deluxe.

No matter what your spouse who writes may be trying to convince you, it really doesn't require much more than a word processor and an internet connection to do it effectively, even in this day and age. Computer games are a little more demanding of the hardware....

Initially, I'd planned to use characters from the books of various people in my writing group as Sims, but after due consideration, I decided it would be funnier to be a big copycat, and do something akin to what green_key blogged a few weeks back....

Unfortunately, we lost Jim and Cinnamon early, in a tragic bacon cooking accident. It's probably just as well, because Cinnamon was making Jim sleep on the couch, anyway, and the resultant easing of tension may be good for Rollin, Barney, and Willy. Unfortunately, since I haven't introduced the Avengers to the ecology yet, it does mean that we now have no female Sims. Thus exposing the weaknesses of '60's casting policies. Especially disappointing to Napoleon, one presumes, as his one date with Cinnamon ended with her ditching him for a female jogger.

Hmm. We're not surprised, somehow.

The other bad news is that Cinnamon was the only one in that house who could hold down a steady job, and they're going to be selling their organs to make the rent soon.

It also appears that blonds do have more fun, as both Napoleon and Rollin have been spending a suspicious amount of time hanging around Illya's place. Illya's home a lot during the day, anyway, having been fired from his lucrative career as a pickpocket for failing to show up to work one time too many. (He was up late the night before after dinner with Napoleon, and apparently had a bout of insomnia that involved a lot of three AM television and video games...)

Other than that, I suspect the Russian has a little OCD problem, as he spends most of his time eating or in the tub. He keeps a nice garden, though.

Kelly Robinson also suffered an early kitchen fire, but nobody died in that one. He's also not doing really well with regard to his job search, and mostly mopes around the house. Scotty, on the other hand, is thriving--making friends, pursuing a successful career in the military, and wadering around talking to people in the streets. Regular pillar of the community, even if I did give him a bright red Hawaiian shirt.

So far, the only other one I've got who can hold down a day job is Napoleon, who seems to be doing just fine in his chosen field...

...computers. Now if I can just keep him from murdering Rollin in a jealous rage...

Hmm. Maybe I can get Illya a job as a fashion designer.


Today, I move in Emma and John, and see what happens....
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