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"I think you need to be a little more specific here in step six."

In fear and despair shalt thou balance thy checkbook....

One of the side effects of writerly obsession with finishing the book, the summer convention season, and losing a handful of receipts is that the checkbook balance gets to a fine point of not particularly resembling the bank balannce. ut I think I have it licked, although I did look at one mysterious number and go "That looks like a grocery bill. I dub thee.... grocery bill!" (Like the old Far Side cartoon with the physicists looking at an equation on a blackboard with the notation "at this point, a miracle occurs."

But it's done now. Yay!

In other news, I'm back on the other side of the slushpile as of today. I'll be reading for Ideomancer; it's only logical. They've been calling me an id(i/e)ot for years...

In videogame news, I bought Sim-Illya a chessboard, and now I can't get him to do anything else with his time. Also, he keeps passing out on the couch rather than going to sleep in his bed. Well, that was predictable.

Nomail. *Performs mailbox voodoo, and gets the editor-pokin' stick just in case*

I have gotten a couple of interesting anthology nibbles lately, but nothing definite yet. I dreamed of zombie wolves last night. And alas, hubbletelescope.

And now it is one o'clock, and once I heat up some coffee, I'm going to write the next scene in One-Eyed Jack, wherein Jackie goes to have a word or two with some of the strange people who've started moving in on his turf.

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