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Who wants the bother of a country estate? A country estate is something I'd hate--

kit_kindred, suffering through my revitalized Cole Porter obsession yesterday, pointed out that "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and "If I Had a Million Dollars" are the same conceit developed with different senses of humor. Betimes he's really amusing to have around the house....

On a related topic, there's something mildly subversive about the fact that the best way to keep one's Sims happy is to cheat to give them vast inherited wealth so they don't have to slave for a living, hire them a maid and a gardener, buy them a lot of toys and let them do whatever they want.

Who would have thought that a popular video game would provide such a high-level critique of the excesses of the capitalist system?

Progress notes for yesterday (7 August 2004):

New Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 1769 on a chapterette entitled "Tribute faces the music." (Here I am, me, writing two books that have actual chaptery things. Chapters! Imagine that.)
Whiskey & Water: goose-egg. In fact, cut 63 words, and rearranged the first scene a bunch so that I can still use it, since it headed off into the weeds previously. Chapter one ("Fairytale of New York") and Chapter two ("Whiskey, You're the Devil") are complete. I have one sentence written on Chapter three ("I've Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway"), but it's a different one sentence than I had this time yesterday. Yeah, definitely in the spinning my wheels stage here.
Combined new words: 1706
Total Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 23,500
Whiskey & Water: 2563
Mammalian Assistance: There's a mastiff behind my chair, and I was headbumped by Marlowe, purred at by Mebd, poked by Signy, and envulturated by Ollie. That's everybody except Mith, but Mith is a self-possessed young cat and prefers the house felines to the canines and hominids. I took pictures of Oliver doing his blue-eyed vulture routine, but he was backlit. However, if they come out, I'll post one here, so you all can see what a cosmetically challenged cat looks like. *g*
Stimulants: green mint tea

Books in progress: Caroline Stevermer, When the King Comes Home. Still. I haven't actually read any of it in days, not because it's not good, but because I've been engrossed in my silly computer game.

Speaking of which, I can't get Napoleon out of the hot tub, and Emma's taken up painting since nobody will return her calls.....

...I don't, 'cause all I want is you--
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