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Mastiff farts at close range should be classed as a biological weapon.

Somebody in New York has a sense of humor. The typeface that's been chosen for the cornerstone of the Freedom Tower to be built at ground zero? Gotham.

What a great city.

In other news, and in depth comparison of Red Hot + Blue and the soundtrack to De-lovely reveals that k.d. lang sings a hell of a lot better than Sheryl Crow, and would probably be much more famous than Sheryl if Sheryl didn't have that video where she prances around in the bikini.

Memo to me: lose ten dress sizes. Buy a bikini.

New Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 905 on a chapterette entitled "The American and the end of an era."
Whiskey & Water: 728 words added to Chapter One ("Fairytale of New York")--actually a little more than that, but I cut what I had already written some more. This book is slow going because there are so many decisions to make right now.
Combined new words: 1,633
Total Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 24,405
Whiskey & Water: 3,291
Reason for stopping: bedtime
Mammalian Assistance: Dog farts. 'nuff said.
Stimulants: Fresca and grapefruit juice

Books in progress: Caroline Stevermer, When the King Comes Home.

A whole vast chunk of plot framework for Whiskey & Water snapped into place in my head while I was looking around in an aborted vampire novel for characters to salvage. And suddenly I realized, of course I need these characters, because what I'm writing is a murder mystery/political thriller. With faeries. Which also explains why it wants the 3PO as its POV, and a number of structural things that I didn't understand previously.

[13:06] matociquala: It is so cool. The whole thing just snapped into place.
[13:07] matociquala: Something to be said for giving things time to stew.
[13:07] katallen: ::smiles:: yes
[13:09] katallen: it's... just so cool how you'll have a bunch of problems, and then things slide together and instead of a bunch of problems you've got a smooth gleaming things that's all answers
[13:09] matociquala: Tetris of the brain.
[13:18] matociquala: Hardest thing for a beginning writer to learn.
[13:18] matociquala: When in doubt, complicate.

I'm insidiously proud of the following line:

Mind control rays, earthquake machines, being told one's existence was a mass hallucination: all in a day's work. The coffee came, and he picked up his cup to hide the way his hands wanted to shake.

Illya appears to be playing both sides of the street. He brought Emma flowers, but then I caught him in the hot tub with Napoleon...

Also, I think it's amusing that whenever the spies get together, they stand around and bitch about travel.

I should probably introduce Steed and the I Spy boys again soon. Everybody really likes Scotty, when he's not burning their kitchen down. And it occurs to me that there's a number 6 Sim lane, and I really ought to move John Drake into it.

Because that's the stort of thing that amuses me. I must be having an overly whimsical month.

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