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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Wherein the spy obsession get the better of eBear.

When I looked over and they were holding hands in the hot tub, and taking turns ducking under the water, I realized that the sex lives of inch-high simulated spies were among the Secrets Man Was Not Meant To Know. It just figures I have slashy Sims. And that Illya has a crush on Mrs. Peel, and Napoleon nags him about it constantly.

Anyway, Illya and Napoleon have moved in together now. They spent the morning after playing chess for eight solid hours. Don't look at me; I'm just the benevolent God who keeps sending them buckets of money.

Okay, I did buy them the chess board. And the electric guitar. And the hot tub, come to think of it.

In any case, that left #6 free for John Drake, so I have him, the Men from UNCLE, and Mrs. Peel in play, and I mean to bring back Steed, the I Spy guys, and the surviving Mission:Impossible team members tonight. (You will recall that Phelps and Cinnamon perished in a tragic bacon cooking accident early on in the game).

Mr. Drake seems to be settling in nicely. I figure it's only a matter of time before he starts vanishing on long business trips, however, to places with casinos and sea cliffs.

Emma's gardener never waters her plants, I think. I don't know what she pays him for. Maybe she's like a basketball court...

In other news, I am an insane person who intended to go out with the boy to watch meteors tonight, come home, shower, and go to work at four AM.

Anybody want a toke of this crack pipe?

Fortunately for my sanity, my stomach intervened with a gastric complaint, so as soon as I post this, I'm going to bed.

New Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 1649 on "The Russian plays roulette." Mostly bantering spies. It's endemic to the breed; I put the spies together, and they banter. And pun.
Whiskey & Water: 983 to complete Chapter Three ("Seen the Lights go Out on Broadway")
Combined new words: 2,632
Total Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 26,874 words, 120 pages--about a third of the way done, I estimate
Whiskey & Water: 6,999 words. I'm tempted not to write at it any more; that's such a fortuitous number. I'm not sure the omniPOV is any easier, but it's certainly making me slow down, chew every word, and think. 35 pages, in any case.
Reason for stopping: bed
Mammalian Assistance: There are mammals around here?
Stimulants: grapefruit juice, spearmint tea

Books in progress: Caroline Stevermer, When the King Comes Home.
Books finished: Kathryn Allen, Equal Opportunity.


I love your Sims stories.

aaarggh...why can't I find time to muck around with mine? *ponders*
You know, I was going to stop with the Sims updates, but people started emailing me asking how they were. *g*

So I figured this was more efficient.

I have just been letting them run on my laptop (which I use for writing when I'm not home) and occasionally reaching over to poke them when I realize they're about to starve to death or have gotten themselves trapped behind the sofa again.

Like goldfish, really. Restful.
Your Spy Sim stories endlessly amuse me.

I can always serve as a bad example. *g*
I live to serve. *g*
the best thing about having various friends with sims obsessions is that I never have to load the game onto my own computer -- I can live (and die) along with theirs...

And I only wish we'd been able to see the meteorite shower here - was and is pouring rain. Figures. The best gift I ever got for my birthday month, and 3/4 of the time I can't even see them.
Alas, I didn't even get any meteors driving in this morning. It's wholly and completely unfair.

We lost Rollin last ight, too. Apparently unable to learn by example, he set the kitchen on fire cooking lunch for Napoleon and Barney, and Barney wasn't fast enough on the fire extinguisher to save him.

Also alas, poor Martin Landau. I fear I'm going to have to break down and teach Barney and Willy to cook if I want to keep them alive. Maybe I can get Jim, Rollin, and Cinnamon restarted in another house, and convince Barney and Willie to marry in. Their place is kind of a dump, anyway....
Where on earth does one get the fire alarms?
We thank you your forbearance....
Naw you won't starve. You'll just get a thought bubble of a hamburger above your head, and then you'll walk to the fridge and pull a bag of chips out of it, which you will eat, then drop on the floor.

As long as your operator is using the cheat codes tp make sure you have money in the bank.

That's the read addiction of Simdom. $10 maid service and never having to grocery shop.
Well, there's that, and the fact that you will ALWAYS get a job offer on your very first try, if you just read the free newspaper, and, if you have a computer, you can choose between FOUR job offers. Job hunting doesn't take more than a day. And, if you're competent enough, you can get a promotion every single day.

Oh, and the CRAPPIEST jobs in the entire world still pay $200+ a day. And there's ALWAYS a carpool available.

THAT'S what's so addictive about The Sims.

Oh, and that you can make $2000+ a day as a self-employed lawn gnome manufacturer.
That, and a vibrating heart shaped bed in the privacy of your own home. And equal benefits for same-sex and multiple life partners.

Or do laundry.
Well, the Sims 2 is coming out soon (in September)...
fortunately for me, I don't think it would run on either of my computers. *g*
I'm so glad you're keeping us up to date on the Lives of Spies. It's the most fun I have all day. :)
I want somebody to send me buckets of money....
I am hopelessly addicted to Other Peoples' Sims.

I'm afraid to get the game myself, for fear of full-blown drooling obsession.

Or having them all die. Because I am fluffy and project human feelings on inanimate objects like old towels, I doubt I could deal with a Sim dying on me.

So I rely on friends list entries telling about theirs.

Thank you for sharing.

(And go team Illya/Napoleon!)
What amuses me is that I think the Sims entries are the most popular feature of the blog....
Speaking for myself only, of course, I enjoy your posts on the writing process even more than the Sims posts. They're what caused me to friend you, not the Sims posts, which were merely icing on the cake.

And re the popularity of the Sims posts ... you could take it as a positive commentary on your storytelling skills. There are, for example, many LJ Sims communities, but I avoid them (and they tend to die out quickly) because the storytelling skills just aren't there.
Ahh, flattery. That's what it's all about....


Any chance of seeing screenshots?

Any chance of putting some Prisoner sims in there? Even just that balloon thing that went around suffocating Patrick McGoohan whenever he got uppity.

How come my benevolent God never bought me a guitar?

Well, I have got John Drake--although I'm one of the faithful who maintain that Drake is not the Prisoner. However, he is living at #6. *g*

Unfortunately, I'm not much of a Prisoner fan. Even though I have taken to calling the whole thing The Village.

It's running on a different computer, but maybe when I'm travelling this fall I'll get some screen shots up, since I'll be using my laptop for Internet.
It was called Rover.

As featured in The Prisoner parody ep of The Simpsons:
"What made you think a beach ball would stop him??!!?"
"Shut up! That's why!"

Shut up! That's why!

You know, when I first created my "...than the average spy" icon set, several people wanted to know why Rover wasn't featured. *g*

I did like the Simpsons episode.

Better than I liked The Prisoner, come to think of it.