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Good mail day, although the doorbell ringing interrupted my would-be nap: a positive rejection from F&SF (the concept of positive rejections itself being a bit of an oxymoron, but work with me here), the Best of the Pogues CD I ordered because I can't find my copy of Peace & Love anywhere, and--

(dun dun dun)

--my contracts and my contrib copy of Nowa Fantastyka, containing the translation of "Ice." (Still up at Ideomancer in English, by the way.) (I'm in Polish! and there's art! of Kasimir!)

Boy, am I homesick for Kasimir. Really got to fix All the Windwracked Stars someday and try to sell it so other people can be homesick for Kasimir too. ("Ice," in a slightly different form, is the prologue to the novel, you see. Yeah, long prologue. I know.)

Wheee! I'm in Polish!

No words yet today. The nap was initiated because I was too sleepy to concentrate. Of course, once I laid down, my brain started whizzing along...

Ah, perversity.

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