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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I neglected to mention last post that my shiny Polish contributor's copy came with a Polish paperclip. It's so nifty. It's not like an American paperclip at all; it's copper, and very springy (I think it's tempered or something--if you can temper copper?)and it's triangular on the business end and squarish on the top.

Nifty. D00d.


janni is smart about the contract with the reader over here. Boy, if half the writers in the average slush pile could read and understand that essay--


New Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 536 on "One-Eyed Jack and the house of the rising sun."
Whiskey & Water: 883 to commence Chapter Four ("This Free Will")
Combined new words: 1,419
Total Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 27410 words, 123 pages--about a third of the way done, I estimate
Whiskey & Water: 7,882 words. 39 pages.
Reason for stopping: bed
Mammalian Assistance: some brief snuggling
Stimulants: Russian Caravan and apples
Tyop du Jour: "Or so it has been reported ot me."

Books in progress: Caroline Stevermer, When the King Comes Home. May actually finish this tomorrow.

Thanks to truepenny for the copious notes on the first third of One-Eyed Jack, by the way. and to ndannais for her comments as well.

In other notes, I still can't write omni, but it's not stopping me. And the monsoons have arrived. It's raining in Las Vegas, and flash floods are expected. If we wash away, I'll let you know where.


It's raining in Las Vegas, and flash floods are expected.

Oh, no! My daughter and her husband are there right now (should have arrived yesterday), hoping to get away from Welsh rain, of which we have had plenty. I hope for both their sakes and yours that any floods are not too bad.
The good news is, it'll probably be back up to 110 today, and the wet's already evaporated; roads were dry at five AM. And the insides of hotels usually stay pretty dry, although we do lose the odd housing development or trailer park every few years.

I hope your daughter and her husband are having fun!
Amusingly enough my boss and his family have flown to Vegas on short notice, also in order to get away from the rains that were forecast for this weekend.

I'm mildly annoyed that you are reporting that they have stopped. But not too much, he's a good guy and I get along much better than I did with my last boss (who put me on the lay off list because I was overheard making a negative comment about his spelling after there was some very stupid mistakes in a major presentation he gave).
*g* one of the major problems with Las Vegas is that the rain NEVER lasts long. Well, it's a problem if you like the city where it is--we got about an inch last night, which is a quarter of a year's worth.

In '99, we got three inches or so in a day, and the city about washed away.

It doesn't soak in out here; it just runs off.
the insides of hotels usually stay pretty dry

I suspected as much. :-)

I'm sure they'll have fun. They went there last year on their honeymoon and wanted to go back because there was so much they didn't get around to seeing.

Meanwhile... It's raining here again now, though we have sun promised for the weekend.

*g* I miss rain so much....
Yay on words, but hey! Where's our Spy Village Update? ;-D
I figured I'd save them up rather than doing one every day....
Oh, well. Okay. I guess. *pout* ;-D
*snicker* nice icon.

If it's any consolation, Kelly threw himself a housewarming party last night, and seems to have hit it off with Scotty and Illya, although Napoleon doesn't like him either.

There was a very funny bit where the cake dancer (male) was doing his little routine, and almost everybody (John Drake, Kelly, Scotty, Illya, and the Mission:Impossible guys) was gathered around watching--and thinking about cake.

Except for Napoleon and Emma, who were thinking about the cake dancer.

I sense a theme....
Why am I not surprised that Illya is thinking about cake, and Napoleon is thinking about the boy. ;-D
Because Illya is all about the food, and Napoleon is all about the smut?
It is probably sad that I, too, found the Polish paperclip to be extremely cool.
I added mine to my collection of writing talismans on my alter. I mean, desk.

The contract with the reader

Followed your link and found it an interesting concept.

In my script classes, we've talked about something similar, what I've called (for want of a better term) "dramatic necessity." If you set up a story a certain way, you can "see" the way it should go and writers often have trouble when they try to fight against the tide and wrench the story in a direction it doesn't want to go.

But I like the contract idea very much (I'm very into the idea of dialogue between writers and readers).

I remember feeling particularly betrayed in Thomas Harris' "Hannibal" in the way Clarice was portrayed. It seemed totally at odds with how the character had originally been set up.

Re: The contract with the reader

I remember feeling particularly betrayed in Thomas Harris' "Hannibal"

God, yes. And that's the *perfect* example. I usually call it "auctorial cheating." *g*