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I neglected to mention last post that my shiny Polish contributor's copy came with a Polish paperclip. It's so nifty. It's not like an American paperclip at all; it's copper, and very springy (I think it's tempered or something--if you can temper copper?)and it's triangular on the business end and squarish on the top.

Nifty. D00d.


janni is smart about the contract with the reader over here. Boy, if half the writers in the average slush pile could read and understand that essay--


New Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 536 on "One-Eyed Jack and the house of the rising sun."
Whiskey & Water: 883 to commence Chapter Four ("This Free Will")
Combined new words: 1,419
Total Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 27410 words, 123 pages--about a third of the way done, I estimate
Whiskey & Water: 7,882 words. 39 pages.
Reason for stopping: bed
Mammalian Assistance: some brief snuggling
Stimulants: Russian Caravan and apples
Tyop du Jour: "Or so it has been reported ot me."

Books in progress: Caroline Stevermer, When the King Comes Home. May actually finish this tomorrow.

Thanks to truepenny for the copious notes on the first third of One-Eyed Jack, by the way. and to ndannais for her comments as well.

In other notes, I still can't write omni, but it's not stopping me. And the monsoons have arrived. It's raining in Las Vegas, and flash floods are expected. If we wash away, I'll let you know where.

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