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You don't love me: this I know. Don't need a Bible to tell me so.

It heartens me, how much public and private comment I have seen regarding Julia Child today. More than I saw for Reagan, or for anyone else, I think, since Katharine Hepburn. Thank God for accomplished, opinionated old women with something to say.

Old women are civilization.

Never let anyone tell you different.

Any book written with Emmylou on nausea rotation has to be good, right? *g* and I'll just keep telling myself that.

Still, this song fits One-Eyed Jack--and the character of Tribute, in particular--very well indeed.

You know, Bush and Kerry have both left Las Vegas. So why are there low-level overflights rattling my house? It's not time for Red Flag already, is it?

I've been trying to apply the excellent advice provided by various persons in the thread regarding the vagaries of third person omniscient/objective--including relaxing a little and allowing the POV to zoom in and out rather than attempting to keep it entirely external. That's helping--helping me connect with the characters, while the narrator's passages make for what I hope will prove a smooth transition between them.

It's interesting to me how very much in the habit of showing rather than telling I am. I use very little exposition these days, relying mostly on incluing and forcing the reader to fill in the dots, and so much of what the narrative voice does is expository. This is stretching, but it's fun stretching--not that horrible senation that comes when one realizes that the story is too big to fit in one's head. It's mastering one new tool at a time, and knowing what that tool is--rather than scrambling frantically, in over one's head.

I wonder if any of my readers will figure out the provenance of the narrator, since I have no plans to make it manifest in the story.

New Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 296
Whiskey & Water: 643 on Chapter Four ("This Free Will")
Combined new words: 939
Total Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 27,706 words, 124 pages
Whiskey & Water: 8.525 word,. 42 pages.
Reason for stopping: Went to see a silly movie
Mammalian Assistance: Ollie's vultue impersonation
Stimulants: Rooibos chai
Tyop du Jour: nothing of amusement value, really

Books in progress: Caroline Stevermer, When the King Comes Home. Sarah Monette, "Wolves' Oaths"

I'll be gone like the five and dime. It'll be the perfect crime.

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