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Dead sexy British SF writer Karen Traviss has joined us on livejournal, cleverly disguised as karentraviss. Welcome, Karen.

By the way, I'm looking for two or three good first reader volunteers. *g* Or possibly one, if the skill set's right. Essentially, I need people who are OCD fans of the Ian Fleming James Bond books (not the movies, please), the Avengers television show (Diana Rigg era in particular), and I Spy . (The television show, 1965-1968, not the recent movie or the reunion movie) who don't mind reading an approximately 90,000-100,000 word urban fantasy novel that nods heavily to all of these properties and checking my canon for me. What I'm doing isn't exactly fanfiction, parody, or homage to any of these properties; the relevant portion is something of a discussion of the folk/mythologizing process. I just need somebody to make sure I'm not making any stupid mistakes. The book's only a third complete at this time, but I figure there's no time like the present to start looking for errors.

New Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 354
Whiskey & Water: 766 on Chapter Four ("This Free Will")
Combined new words: 1120
Total Words:
One-Eyed Jack: 28,472 words, 124 pages
Whiskey & Water: 8,879 word,. 42 pages.
Reason for stopping: Time for a nap, because Paladin kicked me out of bed at five AM.
Mammalian Assistance: Mebd sitting on my keyboard, Marlowe with the headbumps, Ollie playing vulture and Signy with nose-pokes
Stimulants: Russian Caravan
Tyops du Jour: like the voice of her own sobconscious and the equally amusing I bed you to recollect this
Mail: nomail

I think Whiskey & Water needs some extra stewing time; I may have hit that point where the book wants to be shoved into a paper bag on the windowsill for three to six months to ripen. But that's cool. I can do it.

In the mean time, it's time for a nap. And a shower. And then more words this evening, unless I spend all night playing with my sadly neglected Sims.f

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