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One-Eyed Jack

New Words:: 290 (bad bear, but it was nice to goof off)
Total Words:: 32,744 (147 pages)
Reason for stopping: bedtime! Despite copious nappage.
Mammalian Assistance: Paladin is serendaing me with dog snores
Stimulants: rose congue and bourbon
Exercise: 8/17/04 5.7 miles walked.
Mail: nolove from Futurismic, on one of my close but no cigar stories. It's trunked. I think it's playing with some trad sfnal tropes to talk about interesting familiar issues, but the editorial consensus appears to be that it's... playing with some trad sfnal tropes. *g*

Also, a sale on that rewrite for Strange Horizons--fun little story called "Two Dreams on Trains," very stylish, I think, and about... the treason of the artist, I think is the pithy way to put it, if I may steal a line from Le Guin. Yay!

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Hard drinkin' bear.
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