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Thank you, sartorias. You know why. *g*

There is now an excerpt from Hammered up at my website . Please ignore the fact that the website still looks like a fifth grader made it for a class project; the redesign is in good hands, I promise.

I have clothes! heresluck, renenet, coffeeandink and truepenny are going to laugh at me, remembering how ratty my wardrobe had gotten by WisCon--I had to do some emergency shopping in Madison, in fact--but given that one of my jobs involves sitting in an office in my own house typing, and the other one involves dragging my butt to a media office at four in the morning, where the dress code is informal enough that people actually have shown up in their pajamas, and given the fact that I have a mother in law who constantly buys me over-large clothes I hate in colors that do not flatter me, and given that I *hate* shopping with an unholy passion, I tend to get pretty ratty. And since I realized that I hadn't actually bought underwear during the current presidential administration....

Anyway, I went to the mall. And wonder of wonders, I managed to find jeans that fit comfortably (they not only do not make my ass look any more like a sack of potatoes than it manages on its own, but I can *squat* in them), but a whole bunch of cleavagy comfy t-shirts--and not in icky pastels or florescents, but in jewel tones and earth tones, and black! Along with the sari and the black dress and the black jeans, and the tevas and Chucks I bought in Madison, I can even probably manage to look presentable in Boston.

Alas, the Body Shop in this particular mall was closed for renovations, so I did not score any sandalwood oil. I may have to trek to the big mall to get some.

If I'm lucky, I should not have to shop for another five years. And I can manage blue-jeans business casual for WorldCon. Now I just need to get my hair cut, so I look like well-groomed trailer trash....

Also, the transmission on the car went on the way home from the mall, so I don't have to go to work tomorrow. It's gotten bad enough, frankly, that I'm almost cheerful to face a $1500.00 car repair bill for a chance to sleep in.

One-Eyed Jack

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