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One-Eyed Jack

New Words:: 1232
Total Words:: 35,296--and I've hit a point where normally there's a wall leading into the Dreaded Middle Of The Book, that long deadly slog between 35K and ~70K when all the fun stuff is done and the actual work of making the story work begins, and Jackie seems determined to be different. To wit, at 35K, I'm just getting the characters into position for the big setpiece slam bang everything goes to hell scene, which starts the frenzied running around portion of the novel. This tells me two things: (1) it's a short book and (2) it's certainly not going to be dull getting there.

Whiskey and Water

New Words:: 506
Total Words:: 9,386--insert words on former chapters one and two, which are now chapters two and three, because some very intelligent assistance from the delightful sartorias has led me to the understanding that I need to start the book further back in time than I did, and establish the primary conflict from the point of view of the people with the most to lose from its effects. Still poking at it and trying to get the sand out of the transmission of this omnivorous POV. And now I need to write a new hook. erp.

Reason for stopping:
Mammalian Assistance: Mebd by the keyboard, Ollie on the bookshelf, random Marlowings, and a certain amount of mooing from the mastiff. (Did you know mastiffs mooed? Now you do.)
Stimulants: Orange spice
Exercise: Still recovering from fried brain a la St. Thomas.
Mail: nomail
Books in progress: Joan Aiken, Castle Barebane

I'm listening to the mix cds made for me by colomon, mcurry, and dlandon made for me, randomized. It's really very interesting, as all of y'all have very different, very good taste in music.

In other good news, it turns out that the presumed transmission problem was actually an air intake problem, so that weird fallout I was feeling was not second gear failing to catch and thus the wheels not turning--but the engine not getting any air, and thus producing no combustion, and thus the wheels not turning. So it was a $90.00 sleep in yesterday, and not a $1500.00 one.

I feel even better about it now. *g*

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