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You can't call Hell a quiet town

Weird thing.

I was just talking with katallen about that thing I call postnovel ennui--that bizarre feeling that I (and apparently she) get when the draft is finished, where it feels as if all these characters with whom one has been sharing headspace for so long have packed up and cleared out, leaving the screen door banging in the breeze.

And I realized that maybe it's necessary, that emptiness and abandonment, because it's one of the things that lets me go back and take a real good clear-eyed, hard-edged look at the draft without a dozen characters going I WANNA live five-year-olds to confuse the issue.

In other news, I spent most of the day working on the syndication project, and mostly got no new writing done--

One-Eyed Jack

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Books in progress: Joan Aiken, Castle Barebane


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