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Something (one thing among many) I really liked about 1crowdedhour's When the King Comes Home: the way she sets up all these various expectations of brewing romance between various characters in the reader, by playing on familiar fantasy romance tropes--and then takes them apart. It's an echo carried through the book, from the not-Lancelot/Guenevere/Arthur relationship, to the protagonist, Hail, and her choice to come back to her art and her career over men who would obviously have her, and the possibility to 'better' herself beyond the guilt--and how she's so focused on what she wants, what she's always wanted, that she's not even tempted... doesn't even notice her alternatives. Her faith in her choices is breakneck. It's lovely.

Something tells me not much writing is getting done today either. I should really try to enjoy the burnout while it lasts; that clawing need to get something written will be back soon enough.
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