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You might take a fall down the stairs and a poet might come along

and say "That's just like life." I think the trouble with poets is they see poetry everywhere.

ter369 offers The Urban Fantasy Writer's Checklist Of Required Elements (via oracne)

Hmm. There's a Denny's scene in Blood & Iron....

I've been thinking about teeth. Specifically, about how I have all my own teeth (one crown with root canal, right side, but the root is still my own), and how my mother's teeth are a mess from inadequate dental care as a child (when I say mess, I mean she's had multiple extractions, bridges, root canals, abcesses, you name it), and my dad finally broke down and had his teeth pulled because they were bad enough that they were making him sick constantly. Both of my maternal grandparents had dentures for as long as I can recall, although my grandmother never wore hers....

My mother's side of the family, in particular, were all rather painfully hard-working poor growing up. Dental care was an expense that was out of reach by any reasonable standard. I think if I am truly grateful to my mother for anything, it's for seeing to it that I had the dental care she didn't have as a child, even when it was a serious financial hardship. My teeth may be crooked and funny-colored and prone to caries, but I have them. That's a luxury not everybody gets.

As an aside, and carrying through the generational teeth theme, I'm currently wearing a gold ankh that was made for me by my father out of gold from his grandmother's teeth. This was the Hutzul great-grandmother, by virtue of whose blood and a little geographical distortion I occasionally jokingly refer to myself as a third-generation Transylvanian. (It's a line from a Richard Thompson song.)

In other news, Grumpy people are smarter. (via tar_pith)

Oh, and I got a bunch of writing done.

One-Eyed Jack

New Words:: 1944
Total Words:: 39,381 (that's so close to 40K that I'm going to have to come back after my break and chip at it some more.)
Reason for stopping: time to get away from the computer for a while.
Mammalian Assistance: Mebd playing Kitten Keyboard; Marlowe needing monkeycuddling, headbump, and a good brushing--and to shed all over my shirt, apparently.
Stimulants: more seltzer, and vanilla tea that was a gift from Jaime
Exercise: I am a lump. Lumpity lump.
Mail: nomail
Books in progress: Joan Aiken, Castle Barebane

And now I'm going to go drink a beer and read some Joan Aiken.

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