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Rejects from Alchemy & F&SF today. Including one of my new favourite sort of reject: the ones that essentially say, "There's nothing wrong with this story; we liked it, it's rather good, but we won't be buying it for 'x' reason."

They're sort of emotionally gratifying.... but they do leave you wondering what, exactly, you're supposed to do at that point to actually make the sales. Maybe this is where granting sexual favors to editors finally becomes effective.

Hmm, let's not think about that too much, shall we? Anyway, to go with the bad news, the good news is that I bulled through almost 2800 words to bring "Wane" to its earth-shattering conclusion. At only 7000 words--not bad, when I was becoming convinced it was going to be another novelet. And I bet I can get maybe 250-500 out of it on rewrite. You know, it occurs to me that there are two subplots in it I could pad out and turn it into a novelet... but I'm not sure there's any point to that.

It sure took a long time to write for a 7K story. My sentence-level writing is a hell of a lot better, though. And I think I got all the clues in the right places the first time through. Go me. These damn things are turning into a mosaic novel, which I suppose is what happens to serials, inevitably. Maybe I'll be able to sell them as that, then, since so far nobody wants to buy the stories.

Sometimes, short fiction seems like such an incredible waste of effort. I don't know why anybody would write if they didn't have to. And that kind of attitude brewing is generally a good sign it's time for a Week Off.

Thai food, maybe. Mmm. Pad Thai. Mmmmm. Singapore Noodle. Damn, I don't know which to choose.

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