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I'd like to apologize--I'm a few hour late in posting. Sunday, um, got away from me; my best friend from college and his 35th birthday party got priority, I'm afraid.

But the third chapter of AtWS is up over at elizabethbear, now.

Book One: Binding.


Ansuz (Insight)

This is the third chapter of All the Windwracked Stars. Please read the prologue, here, and work forward before reading this chapter.

I will be posting additional chapters at a rate of two a week, Sundays and Thursdays, until the book is finished.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy.


I'm having a lovely time in Connecticut, by the way. And I very much enjoyed Avenue Q, although in an irony of ironies, Jenn's part was being played by an understudy at the performance we saw. Alas!


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