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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I have galleys. And cover flats.

At the risk of sounding even more pretentious than normal, it's a bit of a religious experience holding this thing in my hand in actual book form.

The cover is very eye-catching in person, and the spine is a nice bright cobalt blue, which I think will stand out nicely on a shelf. And Bantam sprang for embossing; I feel special. *g*

Other than that, I don't have much to say for myself. It continues to be a lazy week of hanging around with friends, eating very good food (as cooked by arcaedia last night), and generally decompressing. I wrote maybe a page of W&W Monday, and I have a bunch of notebooky stuff that's go to be incorporated into B&I because I did some location scouting while we were in NYC on Saturday, refreshing my sensory memory of the city (I hadn't been there since the late '90's, so it was time for a return visit.)

Vivid sensory memories are a powerful writerly tool. It helps to pick telling details if you have a lot of details available to choose from.


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Galleys are good. Cover flats are good. Wait until you actually find your book shelved in the library. I think _that_ was what made it all real for me. Up to that point, it all could have been an elaborate hoax....
*g* Well, I have to move up to hardcover before I can swing that.

But yeah, I imagine it's a pretty stunning experience.
Congrats! The first time I held galleys of something I'd written in my hand...well, 'a religious experience' comes quite close to describing it.
*g* Yeah, it's neat. It looks so professional as a, you know, book....

I wonder what the chick who wrote it is like?
I didn't get a galley, but holding a book (a REAL BOOK!) that I had written... yeah, religious experience fits. Another big moment for me was seeing my first review, even if it was on RPG.net. :)

Yeah, like. Wow.
It was good to see you, and your book mockup, last night, and I'll be looking forward to seeing more of you at Worldcon.
I'll have my poking finger ready. *g*
When are you going to be staying w/us this weekend? Can you shoot us an email?
see email *g*
Yay holding it! There it is, a thing shaped like a book! Yayyyy!
ooook! Cows!
I'm sure that's an amazing feeling. Congratulations! I look forward to being able to pick up the book in the store. *smile*
Thank you!

Re: w00t!

Heee. I have no camera with me, for I am a verbal person....
Very cool. I think the cover is rather eye-catching onscreen, too.
Here's hoping it has curb appeal, anyway....

...I just noticed your pregnancy-hacked icon, and almost ruined my laptop.

You rock!
Very nice. Maybe, someday, if I get off my ass, I will know what that's like. It must be a very, very good feeling, indeed.

The closest I've come is two glossy magazine stories. When I got my copies in the mail, with my story on the cover, I wanted to just run around town and show it to strangers.
Glossy magazine sales awe me. But I think short stories are much harder than novels.
Thanks! It's pretty neat....
whoa!! Congratulations.
You can touch me, but it will cost you a quarter....

Hmm. You know, there's probably a growth market there, but I think it's illegal in Connecticut....
Woohooo!!! That's so COOL!

Okay, is that a very small cat in your icon's hand, or something else?
it's a bit of a religious experience holding this thing in my hand in actual book form.

holy cow. I'm feeling all religious for you. go you! enjoy this great, great moment!

You'e a sweetie....
Make sure to have it with you at WorldCon, we'll have our camera, so a shot of you holding your book is a must.
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