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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

A quarter of a million miles isn't really that far.

It took me two Chevys, but I've done it in my car.

My MP3 player thinks it's time to commence revisions on Worldwired. It played me Hugh Blumenfeld's "Shoot the Moon" back to back with Kate Bush's "Army Dreamers" just now. If that's not a thematic statement for this book, nothing is.

This is awkward because none of my first readers have gotten back to me yet with much other than vague general statements. Which makes it hard to revise. Although I think I figured out how to fix both of Jenn's problems with the first third of the book. It involves adding some scenes. Ah, length. *g* Then I have to figure out how to fix the pacing issue in the back third of the book...

Hopefully, my ending works. :-P I just reread it, and I liked it more than I thought I would.

In other news, I need some superglue, so I can fix my pen.

And Whiskey & Water has decided it wants a bloody outline. Growf. *Bitches.* This is all arcaedia's fault, for asking me about my process on Monday night. (Actually, my goal is to have One-Eyed Jack and, of course, the third draft of Worldwired, done by Christmas if not sooner. I said I was going to write two books this year, and I have a little less than four months to finish the second one. No sweat. Then I just have to sell Blood & Iron, and I can get serious about writing the sequel. Which, meantime, I am outlining.)

I also did a little repair work to Stratford Man this week. Just smoothing out a rough transition that mcurry kicked me over. I think I'm in a pointless fluffing sort of a phase. And frankly, I'm more than cool with that.

In the meantime, though, I am screwing around a lot, and catching up on some reading. I'm sort of on vacation, in that I'm tidying up a lot of small things, and not really working on anything big right now. We'll see how that goes.


*Offers to read other story while waiting for more spy goodness*


I have the opposite problem--I LOVE my ending--as do my first readers--but I have to scrap the first 80-100 pages and re-write them. And of course fix the inevitable plot holes that cropped up. Ick! I keep reminding myself that it will be well worth it in the end!
Hee hee.

I didn't see the title line at first, so I thought your opening remark was pretty brazen. =)

Re: Big Bridge Phil Ochs Tribute