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Writerly quote, and some book-keeping

from anthropologist today:

"If you want to be universal, you have to talk about your village."
--H. de Balzac


sartorias gives us correspondence from writers on September the Eleventh.

One-Eyed Jack
New Words:: 2,442
Total Words:: 41,823. (I broke 40K in Connecticut. I am officially halfway done with the book.)
Whiskey & Water
New Words:: 634
Total Words:: 10,019
Reason for stopping: Not so much stopping as having written in erratic fits and starts over the course of the last fortnight or so, while otherwise heavily engaged.
Mammalian Assistance: Varied, and including currently a certain amount of Marlowe sitting on my left hand while I try to type.
Stimulants: Rose congou, and some lovely tea Kat brought from Harrogate
Last Exercise: About six million miles walked around New York City, the convention center, mall, and hotels in Boston, various airports, and the city of Northampton, MA. Also, Thursday 09/09, about two miles walked in Vegas.
Mail: rejections from Marsdust, F&SF, and RoF.
Books in progress: Nancy Milford, Savage Beauty: the life of Edna St. Vincent Millay
Books completed: Joan Aiken, Castle Barebane; John M. Ford, The Scholars of Night


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