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Advanced Writer Brain Atrophy

So here I sit, researching NYC in 1962 and wondering if I can somehow shoehorn a warrior goldfish into a story about the Beats making the Lower East Side safe for communism. Warning: do not mix Chester Anderson, trips to the koi pond at Balboa Park, Ed Sanders, and the Man From UNCLE. Contents under pressure may explode.

So, there are things About this writing gig that are hard to understand until one experiences them. And which I do sincerely wish had been mentioned in the information packet.

I'm actually experiencing one of those now: the soldierly annoyance of hurry up and wait.

This is going to sound a lot like bitching, I fear--and on one level it is, although I'm certainly not looking for sympathy, nor do I really think I deserve sympathy. I am very fortunate to be where I am right now with regard to my writing and publication, and I know it, and I'm excited and I treasure being here.

I just also really wish it were next year this time already. Would somebody please cryogenically freeze my head until 2005?Collapse )

There. Consider that a public service announcement for everybody reading this who will someday sell a novel. Now another writer has warned you about the waiting-in-the-trenches-for-the-shelling-to-start part of the process.
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