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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


Okay, this is true catwaxing. I spent most of the day making silly animated icons.

Now I have to take the boy to the airport.

This is what I made.



and, of course, the one up there.

Ah, for a truly masturbatory afternoon....


Time well spent :)
These killed me. Bravo.
...okay. I'm not even a HP fan, and yours sent me into paroxysms. *g*
Very nice. Are you sharing? :)
I open source all my icons. Please, help yourself!
Oh, when I found Disco Napoleon, I so had to do this one. *g*
I so wish I were a part of that fandom, so I could s/t/e/a/l/ borrow these....

Speaking of great icons... love yours!
Oh man! These rawk! ;-D

But still no "...runs with a limp"?
I could not find a good screen cap of IK running that looked OK at 100x100, dammit.

Very fretful.
Ilya! Oooh, Ilya!
*g* There's a whole fandom out here, you know.

*cough* Or so I hear. *g*
I haven't seen much of the show, but these are quite amusing. Especially 'swishy', which has me giggling at the screenshots in it.
Napoleon's slightly limp-wristed surrendering technique is also hysterical. It never fails to crack me up that Vaughn went on to play scenery-chewing heavies, when he's got such a gift for comedy.
Ready my flist backwards and apparently a missed a day somewhere along the line. Which is neither here not there, but I'm sitting here LMAO at these when I really ought to be in bed. Endlessly entertaining. You're so good at this. Can't wait to see these on your posts, so post more please *G*!

*g* I do not rock the graphic design, but at least I'm funny!
I've just friended you (after what cakmpls quoted) and went to read your latest page of entries and found these. Ghu, I had SUCH a case for Illya. You are aware David McCallum is on tv weekly on Naval NCIS, aren't you? It also has the greatest perky goth and amusing banter among the characters. And Mark Harmon. Such fun.

Yes! I *love* Pauley Perette in that. Only perkygoff in television.

And Robert Vaughn is doing a hit show called HUSTLE in the UK--a very, very good show (a friend made me copies)--which has been picked up BBC America, I believe. He describes the character--Albert Stroller--that he's playing as Napoleon Solo, forty years later. *g* Reincarnated as a con man....

And welcome aboard!