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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

department of schadenfreude department

The Donald threatens The Mouse.

Now, there's a lawsuit with some real spectator potential. Although if Trump shows up with no pants, I don't want to read about it.

The Mouse with a combover, though....


Okay. Wait a minute. Since when does Trump, who has filed bankruptcy, what 7 hundred billion times, have a "reputation for vast wealth and amazing business acumen?" I'd like to see him prove he had that reputation in order to have it trashed in court. That would be fun.

Also, Mario Cuomo was our worst governor and a "loser?" Tee, hee. Sounds like Trump knows all about lying about folks in the press.

I'm curious. Anyone see the piece on Thursday night? I knew it was on, but chose instead to watch Man's Fight Against the Squirrel which we'd taped from PBS.
What I love about this lawsuit is, no matter who loses, you can cheer.

Well, not PRIMETIME. I engjoy PRIMETIME. But the Mouse. *g*
"What I love about this lawsuit is, no matter who loses, you can cheer."

True, true. And how many times in life do you get a win-win situation? Not many. Especially as the election looms, I need something to get cheerful about.

. . . . also, his claim that Cuomo has an axe to grind because he called his father a loser is laughable. If I were Mario Cuomo, I'd consider it a badge of honor if Trump called me a loser.
Heck, I'd consider it a badge of honor if... well, nevermind *g*