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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Icons! free to good home!

Icons, up for grabs:




Open source. *g* Want, take, have, as the saying goes.


I'm wanting the trenchcoat one. Thanks!
my pleasure!
These are great! I'd like to use the safe sex icon.
You're welcome to it!
Lol! Very amusing.

Ah --- what do you mean 'almost' as sexy? :)
Women *have* said no. ;-)
Only the ones too stupid to know better. :)
I like the Solo sexy one but:

Can you draw a line through 'almost'? :)
Heh. I can make one up for you, if you like...

Heh back. :) Thanks!
Got any on tap from 'The Prisoner'? I really like TMfU, but I'm sure you'll agree that #2 and Mr. Steed are more up my alley.

- Tom
*g* send me an image and text and I'll be happy to make you one, but I'm not a prisoner fan.
Which I think is ironic given the name of your Sims community.

hobgoblins, foolish consistency, yadda yadda....
Those are so lovely :)
I wish I could use more than 3 icons :(
But I'm borrowing the "pick on someone" one anyway : you never, I might win the lottery .... and I could afford to have a paid account.
Thanks for making them :)
I'll also take requests.... *g*
I´ll grab "runs with a limp" (the one from Concrete Overcoat), if that´s all right. Thanks.
You know, I find that I can't believe Napoleon Solo was that young....
I know. They're babies, aren't they? The B&W episodes, Vaughn was 32 and McCallum was 31.

Younger than me, for Christ's sake.

It's terrifying. *g*
I should mention that there's a story behind the MfU quasiobsession. The show's a bit older than I am, but we share a birthday. *g*
"The show's a bit older than I am..."

Whereas I watched them when they first came out. And "The Prisoner" and "I Spy" and ....

Oh, hell, I remember Clint Eastwood in "Rawhide."
I'm an "I Spy" fan too. And "The Avengers," and "Danger Man" and "Mission: Impossible." I caught them all in syndication, and fell in love. And it's stuck through to adulthood. Like a gosling imprinted on a 747, I've never been quite right since. *g*

It stuck, too--most of what I write is still thinly disguised political thrillers....

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you, m'dear.

Re: Happy Birthday


Thank you, my friend. "Getting older every day / rape and pillage, burn and slay."

Nobody in sight with a hammer and a couple of boards yet, thank God.