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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Also, my tummy hurts.

I have a 452-page printout. I have arcaedia's editorial comments on Worldwired, which have managed to concretize all the things I subconsciously knew were wrong with the manuscript, and turn them into an exhausting, exactling, but reasonably easy list of Things To Fix.

And I have a nasty sneaking suspicion that the vacation is over.

*fires up the old grindstone*


Sorry to hear about the tummy woes! *sympathy*

But GLAD to hear about your list of Thing To Fix. Yay direction! Yay improvement! (And Boo Rae for letting herself get distracted from reviewing...again.)
rebiew review review...

but don't forget to write, as well.
That "tummy" thing must really be going around. I hope yours gets better soon, 'cause mine shows no sign of it happening.

The other stuff is good news, because the sooner you finish, the sooner it will be available (in theory at least, let me keep my illusions please).
I suspect the tummy thing is linked to the fact that I seem to have come home from Boston with a sinus infection.

Thus, upset tummy.
Lots of people left Noreascon with things they hadn't meant to bring home.

I hope you're feeling better soon.
Lots of people left Noreascon with things they hadn't meant to bring home.

I meant to bring home a couple of cute redheads, but alas....
Hey, the redheads were in short supply, everyone was restricted to just one. Exceptions were made only in the case of the GoHs.
I didn't even get one!

Although I got to spend some quality time with a few...
thank you! and go you selling things!