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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

jonsinger is beautiful, talented, and he understands punctuation.


My kids may not thank you for the link, but I do. ;-) Impromptu grammar *and* history lesson of the day. And most of what I know about Jethro Tull is that Steeleye Span opened for them during one of their US tours, ages ago. And they helped produce a lot of SS's records.
Tull is very shiny. *g* Especially once you get into deep album tracks. If you like Steeleye Span, try Tull's albums "Heavy Horses," "Songs From The Wood," and "The Broadsword and the Beast."

And you're welcome. And so are your kids ;-)
Erp. Uhm. Nu-uh was my first reaction to reading that. Anyway. Will go make a mess of things there, not here.
Dude is dead on. That's the way apostrophes ought to be used. It really is pretty simple, but schools teach it incorrectly. Mine sure did, but I unlearned it—certainly one of the lucky ones. . . .
His useage rules are correct, but like merriehaskell, I take issue with his history.

Who cares about the history?
Well, lots of people. lnhammer and me, for starters. *g*
Oh, picky fussy.

I'm just pleased to have something to point people to that makes the its/it's thing make enough sense that it may stick in their heads.
I live to pick! What can I say?

I spent 15 years wondering why apostrophe - s was the form, and when I found out, it was a giant revelation and whole worlds opened up before me. (sniffle) Some people choose more meaningful life-long quests, I'm sure, but that's what I got. And now I have all this time to fill...
Hey, what gives you joy, gives you joy.

Rocket science :)

Yay jonsinger! I'm a firm believer that all apostrophe abusers should be abbreviated.

I ranted quite a bit in "It ain't rocket science" at http://editrix.typepad.com/editrix/2004/01/it_aint_rocket_.html

Jena (a.k.a. "puzzlehouse" since "editrix" was already taken)
Thank you!

(What am I doing awake?)