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netcurmudgeon doesn't want you to trust him. (a network geek talks about the time-honored con-man/cracker tool of social engineering)

In other news, I'm up to page 202 of the Worldwired rewrite, and I've hit the part where the serious plot-level revision starts. Ew. (I do have four or five scenes to add earlier in the book, and at least one to add near the end, but I'll do those later, as my reward for getting the icky groveling through the trenches part done.) I hate changing the plot. The corrections get fractal, and spider through everything.

But it will be better when I'm done.

Mammalian assistance has included Marlowe sleeping on the manuscript and Ollie vulturing from the bookshelf.

In other news, there's something very poignant about seeing Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell on the Senate floor in his full Cheyenne regalia, having rushed there from the dedication of the Smithsonian's native history extravaganza.

I imagine what that would look like to an American of a mere one hundred fifty years ago--a Native Senator, for fuck's sake!--and it reminds me that I do love this country, and we do, in fact, change for the better, even when it seems like we're in mired 1850 and the clutch is slipping.

Now if we could just do something about that ugly Mt, Rushmore thing....
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