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Pretty good day

Okay, that was productive.

I stayed home from work today with a killer damn Charlie horse (where's Charlie when you need him?) and worked on writing most of the day, between gimping. I finished a third draft on "Wane," putting an additional 2500 words into it to put it right at the bottom of novelet country (8750), got around 900 on A Treachery of Princes and about 711 on Scardown, which is good because I had two days when I didn't have *any* Scardown wordcount. So I hit over 38K on that, and a whole 6 or 7K on Treachery.

I feel like I did good.

What's kind of cool is that the OWW is doing a YA manuscript critfest next week with a bunch of actual 8th grade students as the readers, so I'll get to try it out on kids exactly the age I'm aiming it at.

And if they hate it, well, it won't be YA, now will it?

And we're going to see Bulletprrof Monk tonight, and I will feel no guilt over this excursion at all. Whatsoever. The end.

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