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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Hmm. I'm getting somewhat weirded out by the off-the-cuff comment I made Sunday about the dogs being all weirded out ,and expecting an earthquake, given what's going on in Cali right now.

And, as a matter of fact, we have had a couple of the little undetectable except by seismograph shakes here, as well.

And Alaska's got some shakin' going on as well. Not to mention Mt. St. Helens area.

*pets dogs, just in case*

You guys out there on the ring of fire all right?


Fine up here in the Bay Area, although the 10:19 event rattled the window blinds. I'm a bit spooked, but I came here voluntarily!
The air feels kind of funny here in Seattle, but I'm digging it.

Then again I'd actually like something to happen. The Nisqually quake back in '01 has me very very curious now :)
Just some wooziness and a bit of a wobble here in Oakland.
Combine all of these events with the hurricanes and... well, I'm surprised we're not seeing more "The End is Near" placards.
I think Mother Nature is sending hints about how to vote

I believed that was the case with Florida... but I'm not sure why she's picking on Washington and California now.
As you might expect, we here at Rocket Ranch are well outside the zone affected. And I continue my streak of finding out about California earthquakes from points east. (This time, via IM from NYC.)
There was a quake? *goes to check* Ah, anything less than a five you don't feel. This was over, but it didn't rock anything as far north as Mendocino. One of my flist works on the Penninsula and said it felt like a slow swell. Will have to check the news tonight to hear what hysteria they're spouting.


The main jolt was from Parkfield, in Central California. The Parkfield region is known for a lot of quakes.

Well, your dog wasn't the only one. My cat has been "earthquake weird" for about a week. I'd been thinking we were past due for a big shake.
Have you seen the movie L.A. Story? That's what my life is like in the CA Central Valley:

Earth trembles. Rae sips her tea. Pottery clatters from shelves. Rae stretches languidly. Crack in earth opens up and lava pours forth. Rae is glad the "white noise" will help her sleep tonight.

Here in Eastern PA, I consider myself to be on the Ring of Earth. Or possibly the Ring of Bile, or Choler. Or perhaps the Ring of Gluttons, or the Ring of Violent Against Nature: Usurers.

Definitely not the Ring of Fire, though. Didn't Frodo have dreams about the Ring of Fire on his way to Mordor? Or was that the Circle of Fire? I'm confused.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm not on the Ring of Fire.
Johnny Cash has some lyrical run-ins with "a burning ring of fire" as I recall.

May I just say, viva la hello cthulhu?