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In which Our Heroine joins the masses vituperating the new LJ posting form

*vituperates* There, done.

In some ways, Set This House in Order reminds me of a Fay Weldon novel. In a very good way--little things turn out to be important, and there are all these intricate lacework backturns where threads that seemed to be dropped or thrown away get picked up and woven back into the design. Nice, nice.

In fashion police news, what is *with* these blocky three and four button side-vented pseudo-Edwardian suits with the top button in the middle of the victim's chest? Ew. Gentlemen, this was not a good look when my grandfather was too smart to wear it, and it isn't a good look now. Unless your ambition is to recemble a vacuum-packed convenience store beefstick, in charcoal worsted.

Day three of post-novel ennui. Brain still completely empty, cabinet doors hanging open, dust bunnies in corners. Do not expect me to remember anything you tell me five minutes later. kit_kindred home safe from Ann Arbor & Points Northeast.

Did think of a plot point for OEJ last night. Had absolutely no urge to write anything, however.

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