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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Even today, I feel guilty about killing Mounties in fiction. I think it's residual Sgt. Preston/Dudley Do-Right guilt.

American cops? I can snuff without guilt.

Why do you suppose that is?


I dunno.

Makes me think I should rethink potential day-jobs, though. :P
considering emigrating now?
The different uniforms? :) (Hey, I'm that shallow)
maybe I just feel bad widowing a horse....

Is it wrong that I found that so funny? I think it might be. :-D
Because they're just too pretty to die?
Because Mounties are brave and pretty, and you don't want to cause their horse that much grief?

Heck that would do it for me. Who would want to mess up the pretty uniform and chin dimples?
Because you don't want to add Yukon King to your mammalian assistance list.
I'm telling you. I'd hate to widow a horse. That's gotta be it. (Yes, I know yer modern RCMP officer isn't necessarily all that mounted, but that's besides the point. *g*)
Because you never see Mounties villanized in the media, so when you smoke one, you feel bad. There are a pile of bad-cop characters on TV and in films, but no bad Mounties. QED.
Eee! You snuffed a Mountie?

My cousin married a Mountie. He got permission to use the red uniform, and they went on a cruise from Florida. My cousin said, "As soon as the Americans caught sight of him, I was practically ripped from his side. I almost had to use my bouquet to beat them off."

It's not the Canucks that'll be all over you for that. I'm just saying. *g*
We Amis love us those sexxy red uniforms. Uh huh... *g*
There's a fair amount of ribbing aimed at the Mounties on Cold Squad.

Canada is the nice one

I think we Americans tend to exoticize Canadians. At least, I do. Actually, it's the act of exoticizing, but without the usual markers that signify "exotic." We exoticize them for their supposed niceness and sensibleness, almost as if they represent the way the U.S. should be if we weren't such a miserable bunch of too-big-for-our-britches wankers. (Collectively, I mean. My britches fit just fine, thank you.) It's as if Canada is the sibling who got all the common sense and is just more decent. The emblematic Candadianess of the Mountie suggests that he deserves better treatment than his American counterpart.

Or perhaps I speak only for myself and my sizable Canada fetish.
Late to comment because I was away, but should I point out that they only wear those pretty reds on special occasions? (Yes, 'Due South' was wrong. Imagine that, TV getting something wrong.) Thinking of them in regular duds might make them easier to kill off. Not that I want you to. Being a Canuck, I'm rather attached to the image cpolk referred to.