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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

General call for fannish assistance

I Spy, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, and The Girl from U.N.C.L.E are about to start airing--top to bottom, reportedly, and *mostly* uncut--every Wednesday night as of October 6th on "Goodlife TV," which is available on selected cable and satellite providers.

And which Las Vegas's version of Cox Cable does not carry, dammit.

I'm prepared to negotiate pretty heavily for copies of the MfU and GfU episodes with anybody who can record them for me, preferably on DVD at best quality but I will take VHS--because there are no professional DVDs of either series available, and most of the copies of MfU I have are heavily edited, poor quality multigeneration tapes, and I do not have the entire run, or any of the GfU episodes.

I don't mind it if commercial breaks aren't cut, and I'll settle for VHS if that's what can be fielded. However, since there are three and a half old-style seasons of MfU (105 episodes, I believe) and about a season of GfU episodes, this would be a pretty long-term commitment. I would, however, defray costs, etc., and barter quite cheerfully in trade or services for the inconvenience.

And at least two professional writers and a semipro editor would be extremely grateful to anybody who could perform this service. *cough*

The I Spy eps aren't mission-critical, as those are available on DVD and I in fact *have* many of them.


Sorry - not on DirecTV. Good luck!
I know local cable in Chicago, San Diego, and some places in Florida carry it...
I found the Hughes references on the Goodlife web site, so I thought it was odd that it wasn't on DirecTV. But, I'll do a program search later just in case it's on some mirror channel.
You are my hero in so many ways.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder?

(Sorry, but we don't even have cable. Can't help.)
*g* Hey, I figure I am entitled to one stupid childish delight in this life, and it happens to be a handful of TV shows hat were mostly cancelled before I was born.

Is that so wrong?

And tell me you'd turn down a complete collection of Mission:Impossible. That's the other one that's hell on Earth to get ahold of, although I have some VHS tapes...
That _Mission:Impossible_ would have to be the original series. The remakes and the movies just didn't have It.

Actually, I think I'd prefer _The Prisoner_ and _Secret Agent._ I think I'd be able to appreciate them now.

But I haven't even tried to track down _The Avengers_, so I'm a lost cause.
There is nothing but the original series.

And Secret Agent, The Prisoner, and The Avengers are all available on DVD. *g*

Am I useful, or what?
Maybe someday I'll buy a DVD player.

(Actually, have two computers that will do DVD, but who wants to watch twenty or thirty hours of TV on a laptop?)
I watch a lot of DVDs on my laptop, actually. *g*

Actually, I think all three shows are also available on VHS....
I've made the same offer around. If I get any leads I'll let you know.

Frustrating, ain't it? But it is beginning to look like more areas are getting GoodLife. I'm certainly squawking at my local cable co.

Damned straight. I figured if anybody could get them, actually, you'd be high up on the list.

If you're online, BTW, drop me an IM. I have something for you *g*
I get GTV on digital cable. :) To discuss, please email me - destina at ix dot netcom dot com.
You are my hero.
I'm supposed to be getting first gen, sp tapes from my friend that I am then putting on DVD, so if you want copies....
*g* that's a silly question. Of *course* I want copies. I represent a consortium of interests, as they say, so both destina's VHS tapes and your DVDs will find Very Good Homes and a great deal of gratitude out here in livejournal land.

Just let me know how many firstborn children you'd like and where you want them mailed.
*Jealous, jealous, jealous*

I haven't seen the Man from U.N.C.L.E. first series episodes since they first aired in the UK in 1964 (or whenever). (Weren't they in black and white?) I do have most of what must be series 2 and 3 on tape from when the BBC repeated them in the mid-80s but it would be good to have a complete set. Sigh... Any chance of joining this consortium? I no longer have any first-born children to offer in exchange; they've grown up and moved away from home, but there must be something hard to get over here in UK-land that I could trade for possible services rendered?
The first season (my favourite season, as a matter of fact, despite the sad lack of the Russian in several of the episodes--there are Solo fans and Kuryakin fans, but I like the banter when they're together) was indeed aired in black and white.

Any videotapes I could get you wouldn't be PAL format, but if I can sort out the DVD-making scheme...
Thanks for confirming the black and whiteness of Season 1. In that case, the BBC have definitely not re-shown them. All I remember about it from this great distance in time is that Illya was not only missing from some episodes, but was pretty hard to spot in others. I seem to recall he spent a good deal of time in a variety of disguises.

Of course everything was black and white when I first watched MfU, including the ones that were in colour, because we only had a black and white TV until much much later. In fact I was slightly startled to see everything in colour during the 80s repeats.

Of course I had seen some U.N.C.L.E. in colour at the cinema. Several of what I believe were shown as two-parters in the US got a cinema release over here. And I went and saw them. Twice in some cases. Illya on the big screen. *Smirk*

Re video formats: one of my video recorders claims to be able to play US format videos, though I haven't yet put it to the test, so can't be sure it lives up to its promise. Of course DVDs are infinitely more compact, so would be preferable if they should ever happen to ever available.

All righty. The underground railroad of videos is in operation.


Actually, if it turns out you *can* play NTSC format videos, can you dub to PAL? Because if all I can swing is video copies, if you could dub copies to PAL, I know somebody who would be incredibly grateful.

I have another friend in the UK who only has access to a PAL machine, and she'd dearly love copies. If I can manage DVD or windows movie versions, that's not an issue, obviously. But. *g*

Yay, we have fallback positions!
Unfortunately I don't have any video copying facilities, but I know a man who does. I only meet him at SF cons, but he should be at Octocon (Irish National SF con), to which I am going in two week's time. :-) I will quiz him about the possibilities.

And after Googling about formats, I'm not sure whether I can play NTSC format after all. Even if the video player will play it, the TV needs to be compatible too.

Also, I just investigated Amazon re Sandbagger and I Spy DVDs, only to find that they're Region 1 only. Aaarrrggghhh! Why do they do this to us?
Also, I just investigated Amazon re Sandbagger and I Spy DVDs, only to find that they're Region 1 only. Aaarrrggghhh! Why do they do this to us?

Ahhh, but this is not so large a problem, kemo sabe, because many PC DVD players are region-free, and region-freee (or hackable) DVD players may be had for not terribly great amounts of money...

Hmm. Re, the MfU stuff... we will hope I can find a way to provide DVDs, then.
region-freee (or hackable) DVD players may be had for not terribly great amounts of money...

I think I can see my Christmas present list forming nicely here. *g*

Re MfU DVDs. If they are possible, I will have to find some way of reimbursing my benefactors.
I'm sure we can sort something out eventually...

Ohmigod MUNCLE.
That was pretty much my reaction. *g*
I've got the entire MfU series on VHS. I purchased all of the pro-released VHS tapes and taped the rest off-air a few years ago. If the Goodlife channel ends up not airing all of them, drop me a note and let me know. I can dub the VHS tapes now, and am looking into purchasing a VHS-to-DVD recorder sometime in the next couple of weeks.

I've got the original paperback books and a bunch of the old UNCLE magazines laying around somewhere. Interested in those?

I don't have any of GfU.
Thanks for the offer.

I have the available professional tapes of MfU myself, actually, and fair-to-terroble copies of most of the rest of the series either from the TNT or CBN broadcasts. The problem arises in that the CBN broadcasts, in particular, are extremely heavily (and crudely) edited--down to something like 38 minutes from an ORT of 51 and change.

So what I'm looking for out of this is first generation copies (It would be nice to actually see the characters rather than the static), and hopefully less-edited copies (since apparently Goodlife has been showing other shows of that era running at about 48 minutes).

I do, however, very much appreciate the offer, and if I do wind up missing anything, I will be happy to take you up on it.