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General call for fannish assistance

I Spy, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, and The Girl from U.N.C.L.E are about to start airing--top to bottom, reportedly, and *mostly* uncut--every Wednesday night as of October 6th on "Goodlife TV," which is available on selected cable and satellite providers.

And which Las Vegas's version of Cox Cable does not carry, dammit.

I'm prepared to negotiate pretty heavily for copies of the MfU and GfU episodes with anybody who can record them for me, preferably on DVD at best quality but I will take VHS--because there are no professional DVDs of either series available, and most of the copies of MfU I have are heavily edited, poor quality multigeneration tapes, and I do not have the entire run, or any of the GfU episodes.

I don't mind it if commercial breaks aren't cut, and I'll settle for VHS if that's what can be fielded. However, since there are three and a half old-style seasons of MfU (105 episodes, I believe) and about a season of GfU episodes, this would be a pretty long-term commitment. I would, however, defray costs, etc., and barter quite cheerfully in trade or services for the inconvenience.

And at least two professional writers and a semipro editor would be extremely grateful to anybody who could perform this service. *cough*

The I Spy eps aren't mission-critical, as those are available on DVD and I in fact *have* many of them.
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