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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Why am I here?!


I noticed today that this thing has reached 400 readers. So I am inspired to wonder.....

Poll #363334 Why are you here?

I'm here for:

Personal angst
Professional insight
Politics and rantery
Amusement value and wankery
You comment in my journal, so I am inspired to read yours due to guilt
Weird links
Defunct television shows
Dead poets
I know you in real life, so I am inspired to read you due to guilt
Cute dog and cat stories
Bitchy movie reviews
Sheer raw sex appeal
oooo. clicky thing.

Please feel free to check more than one, or elaborate in comments.


I'd also click Sheer raw sex appeal, but I get enough of that from janni. I'm just saying.

You sold me a story at ChiZine, so now I'm following you around like a lost puppy. Heheh.
one word: community

that's my sole reason... though the ones you mentioned prolly play into it a tiny bit. I grew up in a small town, and I miss that feeling of knowing what everyone is up to, learning from everyone, keeping in touch, feeling connected, etc.
*giggling* I love the fact that right now, the highest answer is "oooo. clicky thing"

(which of course I had to click... *giggles*)
The recipes! The recipes! ;-)
The number of responses on 'oooo. clicky thing' leads me to believe that a humorous answer to a survey will skew the data. ;)

I suspect a lot of the answers would fit under someone's comment that it's a community issue; what makes your community, or how you choose the members of your community (the ones you get to choose, that is), certainly may vary.

Previous acquaintance through chat, amusement value, tangents, dog and cat stories, just find the thoughts you choose to share interesting, like to know what's up with folks---I suppose those work for me, if I'm going to try to pin myself down.
All of the above. Assuming we redefined "real life" to mean "the OWW". Well, and the guilt bits don't apply because I don't do guilt over LJ.
Oh! How about "I hope to make myself look smarter by association"?

(I'm so glad there's a spell check on this... I need all the help I can get.)
I think, therefore I am here.
You never put "because you adopted me and I had no choice in the matter." *g*

Of course, it's all about the amusement and wankery. Sheesh. Is there anything else?
A looong time ago, I used to hang out on OWW workshop and then on the yahoo chat room. Then I stopped writing, and stopped using the workshop, and drifted away from the chat, but I like reading about all these cool writer people and stalking seeing what they're up to, and yours is an interesting journal to read, anyhow.
So where's the "I know you in real life but read you because I actually *like* you" answer? I suppose I'll just have to file under "M" for Other...
You wrote "And/Or" in anthropomor_fic and I knew I could not miss a word you wrote.
You know, I have a friend who is still after me to write if/then and yes/no/maybe. I'm thinking there's potential in !/?, tooo....


And Yipe! That's a dirty icon, you dirty girl *g*
God, I would LOVE to see those! And thank you! Naughty icons please me so long as there's no nekkid bits.
Obviously, I need to write them, eventually. *g*
My interests lie heavily in the sheer raw sex appeal and the personal angst with strong showings across the board for bitchiness, rantery, wankery, and randomness of all descriptions. With a chaser of professional insight, of course (it would have scored that higher, but I'm a profession or two removed). Couldn't bring myself to commit fully to the cute dog and cat stories, as I seem to be interested almost exclusively in the head bonks from Marlowe tally, which is neither "dog" nor "story."

Will I receive coupons in the mail for completing this survey?
Will I receive coupons in the mail for completing this survey?

No, but you can have my adoration. *g*
I can't help but think that coupons would be cheaper, in the long run. But I'll take the good stuff and aim it right back atcha. ;)

Je t'adore. *g*

You make me smile and blush!

other reasons why I'm here

I like your icons (even if I don't catch all the references to old spy show stuff) and I like ATWS.
Also - because you're from Connecticut. Although I forgot that when you first posted the poll...
And I believe this is the first time I've actually posted a comment to you, so hi! (yeah, I don't comment much :)

Re: other reasons why I'm here

Hi, and welcome!