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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

All my conservative friends should probably avert their eyes momentarily.


Feel free to grab this one for your own use, if it amuses you.


Very nice!

Check out my post - you might enjoy the commentary...


Happy Friday
The bulge is in the wrong place for a vest with trauma plates, unless it's a design I'm not familiar with. And I don't think he could slouch that much if he were kitted.

(I regularly hug a cop....)
Honestly, I think it's a wireless lapel mic pack. The rules of the debate expressly mandated that each candidate wear a wireless mic, even though there are mics on the podium, and if you look at photos from the debate, it kinda looks like Kerry has a similar bulge a little higher on his back (although it's tough to tell) and both candidates are wearing identical American flag lapel pins in exactly the same spot, which suggest to me that those are hiding the lapel mics. Cheney and Edwards also had identical American flag lapel pins in exactly the same spots on their jackets.

I think if it were some kind of illicit electronic device, they certainly could have done a much better job of hiding it. They could have put clipped it to his waistband and no one would ever have noticed. I know they weren't expecting cameras behind the candidates, but that lump is pretty darned obvious and I would imagine that the moderator or even the audience would have been able to see it if they had gotten a glimpse at Bush's back.

I'm contented to simply take delight in the sound thrashing he received without embellishment. :-)
I suspect it is a wireless mic pack too.

But that doesn't make it any less funny. *g*
Yes, it is funny. :-) And so is the icon you designed. I meant to say that in my comment. :-)
And, of God, I love your icon.
That picture just begged to be turned into an icon. I have a few others from the Edwards/Cheney debate that I want to turn into an animated gif icon, but I'm still working out how to do that within the parameters specified by LJ. Ah well, it's another skill set to add to my resume, I suppose. ;-)
I'm still learning how to do it myself. Let me know if you get stuck on anything. I might be able to help.
Somewhere around LJ is an "John Edwards is crushing your head" icon — been a while since I'd seen a Kids in the Hall reference.

I dunno... Salon.com insists they checked it out with "an official for the Commission on Presidental Debates", who said they didn't put any electronic devices on either candidate. I know Salon's biased as hell, but they raise some interesting points in their article.
Yes, I read that Salon article this morning before I posted my comment and what the article says is that the *commission* didn't put an electronic device on the candidates. That doesn't mean that no one else could have done it legitimately or for a legitimate purpose. Again, I point to the Memorandum outlining the agreed rules for the debates. Scroll down to page 24 and you'll see that the rules mandate that each candidate wear a wireless microphone.

I'm no fan of Bush (in fact, I can barely stand to look at his smarmy, smirking face), but unfounded conspiracy theories just make the left look looney. Let's leave the batshit crazy rhetoric to the radical right.