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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Quote of the night:

 "I think if you listen carefully to Senator Kerry you'll hear that if he'd been President Saddam would still be in power and the world would be a lot better off."

--George W. Bush

It's a good thing I was drinking tap water rather than schnapps, is all I'm saying, or I wouldn't be typing this right now.

(WMD! Drink!)


I thought Kerry handed Bush his head. And my favourite question was actually the classic job interview question, "Have you ever made a big mistake, and how did you deal with it?" one, to which Bush essentially answered "Well, I was wrong to appoint people who don't toe the party line, but I'm not naming names, and other than that, I've never been wrong in my life." *g*
I personally liked, "I am a good steward of the land."
Yeah, I found that amusing too. However, my favorite was the rumors on the evil "internets."
Me, emailing boyfriend: GWB has access to more than one Internet??

boyfriend's response: I came in here to email you on that!
Oh yes, we must beware those evil internets with that evil draft rumor (...). And yes, don't forget Canada with its evil cheaper drugs that are unsafe and may kill you and your family. Can't trust Canada!!
How about when Dubya said he "proposed" hydrogen powered cars. Like hydrogen powered cars were his idea. Maybe he's actually a frustrated science fiction writer! ;-) Actually, I'd like to see that quote get spun around like that "Al Gore said he invented the internet" thing.

I also liked it when he couldn't actually quote from the Constitution. I'm sure he's never read the document in his life, much less comprehended it.
Hee! And your avatar is such a splendid compliment to your comments.

Alas for us...

...we had kerry/"I have a plan" as the drinking words...

not that it affected me, non-drinker that I am, but there were some mighty cussin-type people sitting there at the end of the night as JK rolled off 5 or 12 of them in a row...
One of my favorite lines was when he was talking about not wanting to alienate the current Supreme Court members because "he wanted all of them to vote for him." Ahem. Wasn't that how you became president in the first place, George?
*tea from nose*

That one just slid right past my awareness when W said it last night.
I think I noticed because the Supreme Court is one of my Big Issues. The next president could have the opportunity to appoint between 2-4 justices, a legacy that will stay with us for the next 20-30 years.
I have to confess, I heard that as, "I want all the potential candidates to vote for me" so he couldn't give clues as to who they might be, rather than that he wanted the votes of the sitting justices, but I might have been distracted. . . was watching the debate at the home of some friends who kept whooping when anything especially outrageous got said, or when Kerry got off a good riposte.

(returning to lurking)
Hey, it's entirely possible that's what he meant. Sometimes it's hard to tell with Georgie. And I may have been listening through my own personal prejudice filters. :-)