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And when we died we laid down side by side

With our hammers in our hands.

One-Eyed Jack

New Words: 2122
Total Words: 49,353
Pages: 217 of 222
Reason for stopping: End of scene
Mammalian Assistance: Pariah girl, that's me. Except Marlowe gave me five minutes of back earlier.
Stimulants: Russian Caravan, cranberry-grapefruit juice, mango-peach salsa
Exercise: Yoga! Sun salutations and stretching. Also, dancing.
Mail: nomail
Tyop du jour: nothing good today
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory , Nancy Milford, Savage Beauty; Bruce Sterling, Heavy Weather
Other writing-related work: Another seventy pages of Scardown galley. I can do about seventy pages, and then my brain locks. I really, really, really hate reading my own work once it's in print.


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