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He was an accident waiting to happen. Most accidents happen at home.

Good morning.

Oooo. Amazon has the cover art for Hammered up. And an about the author, and the cover description. Woo the hoo. And for even more woo hoo, Scardown is listed (no cover art or details yet) with a pub date of June 28th, 2005 (which, because the industry is weird, is "July, 2005"). But, if you trust me, it can be pre-ordered.

I promise, stuff blows up. And it has Literary Merit, too. Also, there's sex in the first one. (By the time the second one rolls around, they're a bit too busy for much nookie, I'm afraid.)

If you dislike (hate, loathe, detest, despise, and abhor) Amazon, there's always Barnes & Noble for Hammered (no cover image up yet, no page for Scardown yet) or, for our Canadian friends, Hammered and Scardown via Chapters.


And now I must go post the next chapter of AtWS over at elizabethbear, and then I must go over another chunk of these galleys, and then I must work on One-Eyed Jack, since the characters are starting to put out and I may actually manage to finish it this year after all.

Gotta work on my reading pile some, too....
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