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Chapter fifteen of All the Windwracked Stars is up over at elizabethbear. This one has an adult content warning on it, and not in a pleasantly smutty sort of way--more in a deep-seated psychological trauma sort of way.

This brings us to page 417 of a 597-page manuscript. There are six chapters and an epilogue left in the book.

By the way, for those who wandered in late, what's going on over there is that I'm serializing (absolutely free!) a manuscript draft of a 150,000-word original fantasy novel (we jestingly refer to the subgenre as "Norse Cyberfantasy") as a promotion for the upcoming publication of my science fiction trilogy consisting of Hammered, Scardown, and Worldwired. (see last rock for details) I'm also providing a little intermittent meta-commentary, mostly on what I think is wrong with the book from the arching perspective of three years' distance.

All the Windwracked Stars is my first novel, and there are ways in which it's a bit rough around the edges in terms of language and structure, but it does have some interestingly broken characters, a neat world (in my humble estimation), a juicy antagonist, and a fair amount of smut, catharsis, and angst.

This is a draft posting. There does remain the possibility that somewhere, someday, the book will be published in dead-tree form, although I suspect it will be in a form significantly altered from what's going up there now.

It's a moment in time. Go read it now, and you can say you knew me when....

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