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We do more before nine A.M. than most people do all *freakin'* day.

So far today I worked for three hours, went to the grocery store, got pulled over by a cop for the first time in my life (I was seven miles over the speed limit (bad Bear), but he let me go with a verbal warning, because it *was* the first time in my life I've been pulled over--which just goes to show that all my carefully banked driving karma has finally paid off, because he had me dead to rights), and started a pot of a modified version of the white bean and rosemary vegetable soup that heresluck fed me, much to my delight, while I was in Madison (recipe to follow: memo to me--post recipe for "inauthentic beef stroganoff" to go with the recipe for "inauthentic borscht").

I think it's time for breakfast.

And then I have to package up stuff to be mailed, and tak a few swings at One-Eyed Jack.
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