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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

We do more before nine A.M. than most people do all *freakin'* day.

So far today I worked for three hours, went to the grocery store, got pulled over by a cop for the first time in my life (I was seven miles over the speed limit (bad Bear), but he let me go with a verbal warning, because it *was* the first time in my life I've been pulled over--which just goes to show that all my carefully banked driving karma has finally paid off, because he had me dead to rights), and started a pot of a modified version of the white bean and rosemary vegetable soup that heresluck fed me, much to my delight, while I was in Madison (recipe to follow: memo to me--post recipe for "inauthentic beef stroganoff" to go with the recipe for "inauthentic borscht").

I think it's time for breakfast.

And then I have to package up stuff to be mailed, and tak a few swings at One-Eyed Jack.


on cop encounters...

That happened to me a couple years ago. I got into a tiny fender bender -- totally my fault -- and the woman I hit threw a complete hissy fit. There wasn't even any damage to any of our cars, but she went ballistic. A nice officer came, examined our cars, and let me off without a ticket or even a warning. First accident, first encounter with a cop, and everything.

Of course, he might have been more concerned about the fact that the car I rear-ended was stolen...

Re: on cop encounters...

No wonder she threw a fit.

I've been pulled over once (doing about 15 over on the highway). Got off with a warning, despite Maryland plates, Mass. license, and Ohio residence.
Soup! Yay, soup!

I'm making buttermilk white bread this afternoon, as a respite for truepenny (and also because: bread! yum!).
I think it means you need to slow down a little there, butch
memo to me--post recipe for "inauthentic beef stroganoff" to go with the recipe for "inauthentic borscht").

Is there such a thing as authetnic beef Stroganoff? I have a great 'family' recipe for it that came from Campbell's Soup. :-)
I'm pretty sure it doesn't come any more inauthentic than mine. *g* See next rock--
I've only been pulled over once, for doing 74 in a 65 zone on a desert road somewhere behind Nowhere, Arizona. Not a place I expected to find the Highway Patrol, I confess — nor a speed I expected to be noticed for in Arizona. Was warned.


"Nowehere Arizona"

You'd be surprised where they wait. A lot of those places are popular for dragging, or just outright speeding if they're straight and flat (as most desert roads I've been on are), and it's not unusual for cops to nab people who may be doing 110-120 mph or more.

Re: "Nowehere Arizona"

and Nowhere's in Nevada.

...sorry, obscure fandom joke....

Re: "Nowehere Arizona"

No, the other Nowhere. Arizona's got one, too.

poor Bear. sorry about your run-in with the man. I always cry :) hee hee. glad you were strong and that he only gave you a warning!

*conspiracy Holly enters* you're probably on their list now... you'll be vidoe-taped in banks and walmarts and your license number is post-it-noted to every cop dash within three counties. :D
You are an Army of One!

bad Bear

Only 7 mph over the limit and he pulled you over? Yeesh. Here in the Great White North, I think you get at least 10-12 mph grace. (Okay, technically kph, but who's counting?) I do the run between city and lake (135 miles) in pretty much exactly 1 hour, and [knock on wooden desk] have remained invisible so far to police.