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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

It's just been one of those days. (pointless icon post)

I also couldn't resist this one:

In part, because it goes so *very* well with this one:

There's just something about a secret agent, a turtleneck, and a shotgun....


Yeah, and sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. =)
Is that David McCallum? Do you know that he plays Ducky (the pathologist/ME) on NCIS?
That is David McCallum and his famous eyebrow, avec shotgun. He and Pauley Perette are the reason I watch NCIS, actually--which is saying something, because it's the only TV show I *do* watch, currently.
Mmm, Pauley Perette.
It'd about time television gave us a really kick-ass PerkyGoff.
I'm missing a kick-ass PerkyGoff on TV? *whine*
Ohmy yes...

Must... watch... more... TV...
The show's also got Mark Harmon and David McCallum on it, so, really, even thought it's terrible Bellisario government propoganda, I watch....
I watch all the forensic-investigation shows when I can, but NCIS has become my favorite. It and the three CSIs all have that mysterious-cryptic lead male, but Mark Harmon brings a certain self-amusement to the role that I find easier to take than the CSI guys'. And the supporting cast on NSIC is by far my favorite. I used to like Crossing Jordan a lot, but got really weary of her dysfunctional relationship with her dad (or his with her). I do like the English-accented guy on CJ, though--I have a weakness for quirky characters.
You diss the church of Grissom? You blaspheme the Bug Man?

*turns gaze away in shame from the unbelievers*

Grissom is my second-favorite mysterious forensic lead guy. I detest Horatio Hornblower, er, whatever his last name is. (I don't much like Bullet Girl either--I was hoping she'd be the one killed in the season opener.) I haven't quite grasped the essence of Gary Sinese's character yet.

Is there an intelligent fan site somewhere that I should know about?
Not that I've found yet, alas. I'm somewhat fandom-shy these days, having a) gotten burned and b) being a wee bit under the deadline hammer...

Sinese's character, i think, is going to unfold like a flower.

(don't speak to me of the abomination that is CSI: Flamingo. I can't watch more than three minutes of it without needing to gouge my eyeballs out)
Lock and load, baby.
Mmm, turtlenecks. I especially like the sort that have the subtle vertical ribbing. I taught 'turtleneck' to a student today. She didn't know what to call them, but despite being almost incapable of constructing a sentence, she realized they had a specific name.