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We'll build that bridge when we come to it.

I've hit page 130 on Bridge of Blood & Iron, a/k/a Shadowhand and I still don't know which title I like better. Bit I have managed to cut the manuscript wordcount from 533 words to a low, low, low 511, so I'm on track to make myself the room I need to add several scenes and make the conflict and resolution shinier. Especially once I get to the end, where I think perhaps I was listening a bit too much to the critters and developed a kind of workshoppism where I was trying heavyhandedly to clarify everybody's motives too much.

I've probably got ten pages just of internal monologue and another ten pages of expo I can nuke that way.

Hannah discovered that Kelpie is a Gypsy Vanner. Go Hannah. She's so right. Now I have a wonderful picture in my head of what he looks like... and I want to give him more scenes because of it. Grin. Gorgeous horses, mostly-white piebalds with a refined heavy horse build and tons of feathers, Roman noses and a gorgeous strong neck. I'm in love. **pines**

I may not have a runaway mass-market success on my hands here, given that reader reaction to the distanced narrator is a little odd. I'm not sure how much of that is workshoppism--it seems to me that published books aren't nearly as "roll in the narrator's emotions" as the workshop likes. I guess I just have to write it the way it feels right to me and try to spare the melodrama. I still think the character's actions should be the truest revealer of emotion, and "show-don't-tell," you know. Ah well.

I do like the book more than I remembered. So that's good. Back to the coal mines now.

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