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Neat learning preference tool over here--

It tells us that ebear is:

* Visual: 9
* Aural: 11
* Read/Write: 11
* Kinesthetic: 10

You have a multimodal (VARK) learning preference.

We're shocked by this, cpolk. Shocked! Actually, I suspect that I'm a little more strongly kinesthetic than that, because my usual learning mode is to sit blankly while something is explained to me, go away, play with it, fail, walk away in frustration, read up a little, come back, figure out more or less how it works, ask somebody who knows smething some questions, play with it some more, and only then start to understand the theory behind it.

This is very frustrating for everybody concerned when I try to get a friend like netcurmudgeon to teach me something, as he's a theory-first-practical-aps-next kinda guy. And I suspect it makes me a resoundingly crappy instructor for just about anybody, since my teaching technique is either to answer questions while the other person pokes at whatever the task is, or to try to *show* them how it *should* work, and expect them to be able to figure it out from there.

Which ties into one of my bigger weaknesses--and greater strengths--as a writer; I'm an almost exclusively intuitive thinker. This whole linear thing? So not happening for me. Which is a weakness, because sometimes I leave readers in the bushes, but a strength, because it allows me to hyper-condense my narrative, without all that reliance on actually, you know, bothering with all that nasty connective tissue in between nuggets of plot.

So for me, a second draft is a first draft plus 15%--the exact opposite o' Stephen King's famous dictum that a second draft is a first draft minus 15%.

Which just goes to prove (again) that there's no right way to do this writing thing--just a lot of different techniques and angles of attack.

And as a complete aside--

It took Chiana this long to figure out that they were cursed?

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