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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

It worked.

It's going to be cool to say that Farscape didn't work. It's going to be trendy to say the miniseries was a failure. It's going to be cool to say that Aeryn's response to the pregnancy was trite and patriarchal, that Chiana's anguish and character growth was trite, that naming the baby D'argo was predictable, and that it being a boy (55% of human babies born are, after all, boys) was trite.

I think it worked.

It worked.

In terms of arc, in terms of story, in terms of character dev....

It worked. I bawled like a child. Bank your false cynicism, people. Hang it up. (There was, of course, stuff that was silly or overplayed or just illogical, but I'm talking about the general arc.)

It worked.

And if Crichton and Aeryn's baby being a boy is just a little too patriarchal for you, please do recall... more than half of human babies are boys. And some of us would have found a girl--especially after John's comment that he didn't care--a bit expected/correct; the boy gets to be dramatic irony at that point.

That's it.

It's not 1970 any more.

Babies are allowed to be boys again, as well as girls. Girls are no longer politically de rigeur.

Also, I bawled like a freaking child over D'Argo's last stand, and that tells me that it worked on a visceral level.

And may I point out? Farscape.

Did any of YOU see a body?


Just checking.

And I never liked Sikozu.

"Too much fun. Can we go now?"


I agree. Best "reunion" show I've ever seen.

The final scene between John and D'argo was one of my favorite, if for nothing else, the way it hearkened back to the "Look at the Princess" trilogy. The sense of family on this show was probably done as well as I've even seen it done.

I will admit it did bother me a tiny bit the baby was a boy, but I think that's residual resentment left over from the X-Files. It actually makes more emotional sense for Aeryn's baby to be a boy, I think, given her connection with her father and naming Talyn after him and John's connection with his father and so on. I d'know how to explain it exactly, it just feels more fitting on Farscape than it did on XF.

All true. But I admit to a sneaking wish for a baby girl, so John could do the "I'm doomed. I'm so frelling doomed" new-dad-with-daughter routine.

At least I know somewhere some decent fan-writer will write a story called "daddy's little girl" about their second child... *evil and enabling grin*

Loved It

The D'Argo scene got me, but even more poignant was the last scene, the baby-naming scene with Aeryn. Damn. That one snuck up on me. Realized what they'd name the baby just seconds before they said it.

To be sure, there were some problems. Chiana being as tough as a Luxan, for example, i.e., getting spaced and surviving. Maybe sleeping with a Luxan (or two) conveyed this super power on her.

I did see the wormhole weapon plot-point approaching. It had to be, had to happen that way -- the Scarrans and Peacekeepers were just too dense to get the point without a demonstration.

Question: Did I hear correctly, though, did anyone else catch that? 27,000 years ago Peacekeepers were snatched from a little blue planet on the rim of the galaxy (through a Stargate? wink-wink), then were genetically enhanced? I really wanted Aeryn to mention this to John: "Uh, honey... don't be upset, but we might be distant cousins." John would have taken this opportunity to try out his Okie accent one more time. Of course.

Final comment: Dude, Farscape!

Fandom rocks. Way to whine, guys!

Re: Loved It

Oh, yeah, it was chock full of logic problems--and I think everybody chuckled a bit over the Chiana-can-survive-vacuum-with-a-little-buddy-breathing scene.

I'm just dead happy that the freaking thing made emotional sense.

And the boy baby was redeemed for me by John's statement that he didn't care wat it was--boy, girl, didn't matter. It became a dramatic irony at that point that the baby was male, rather than the 'expected thing.'

Oh, Yeah...

Anyone else reminded of duck-billed, dread-locked, mutant ninja turtles when you saw the Scarran storm troopers?


Re: Oh, Yeah...

I actually kept thinking they looked like very squat Predators. *g*


Waay too much fun.

It's going to be cool? All the initial reactions I've seen have ranged from satisfied with qualms to ecstatic.
I'm guessing, based on my understanding of human nature. *g*
I've not seen all of it, but I liked what I saw. The only real complaint I had was that I think it would have played out better over a full season.

I'm sorry to see so many of my own favorites go. Jool, D'Argo, Braca, Granny... all dead. That really sucked for me. I understand why, and it was done well, but it still hit me.

Braca's death hit me hard, and I was suprised by how upset I was about Jool and Granny, having never much liked either character.

Poor Braca....


Finally, someone talking about what I want to talk about!!

I'm with you on this one. I cried and cried and so did my sis. The only complaint I had is that the action got impossible to follow in part two, but that's okay. War is chaos, and I never lost track of the main plot.

I just think it worked on the arc, characterization, story level, and it stayed true to Farscape's driving feel - family. I saw no body, so I'm firmly convinced D'argo was captured alive by the Scarrans and is on board their ship as leverage they would never get to use. I did cry like a baby just in case, but I hold to my hope that they don't end things here, even if they really could.

As for the arc, I'm just in awe of how that entire last season, with the edifice, Jool and the rest just came together with the Eidelons. I've never had a series end so perfectly for me, and I'm really hoping the rumours of a movie are true.

As for the nit picking - its to be expected. Screw it. When something is good, you have to just let it go. Nothing's perfect, but a lot of things are just great. Last night and Sunday, I remembered why I loved this series so much. I thank goodness for that.

Long live Rocke S. OBannon!!

Long live Farscape!

Long live Ben Browder's butt!! ::Grin::

Oh, and hi! Hope you've been good while I was gone ::grin::