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It worked.

It's going to be cool to say that Farscape didn't work. It's going to be trendy to say the miniseries was a failure. It's going to be cool to say that Aeryn's response to the pregnancy was trite and patriarchal, that Chiana's anguish and character growth was trite, that naming the baby D'argo was predictable, and that it being a boy (55% of human babies born are, after all, boys) was trite.

I think it worked.

It worked.

In terms of arc, in terms of story, in terms of character dev....

It worked. I bawled like a child. Bank your false cynicism, people. Hang it up. (There was, of course, stuff that was silly or overplayed or just illogical, but I'm talking about the general arc.)

It worked.

And if Crichton and Aeryn's baby being a boy is just a little too patriarchal for you, please do recall... more than half of human babies are boys. And some of us would have found a girl--especially after John's comment that he didn't care--a bit expected/correct; the boy gets to be dramatic irony at that point.

That's it.

It's not 1970 any more.

Babies are allowed to be boys again, as well as girls. Girls are no longer politically de rigeur.

Also, I bawled like a freaking child over D'Argo's last stand, and that tells me that it worked on a visceral level.

And may I point out? Farscape.

Did any of YOU see a body?


Just checking.

And I never liked Sikozu.

"Too much fun. Can we go now?"


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