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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Back to the future ^H^H^H^H^H^H fourth grade

Vonnegut's killed off poor Kilgore Trout. Again.

(via hernewshoes)


So I'm supposed to write this essay. Sort of a "how I spent my summer vacation" thing for the Spectra Pulse newsletter, about how I came to write Hammered and its children. How I got interested in the stuff that lead to the creation of this book.

Boy, I never thought this journal would come in so handy. I've got all this practice being self-indulgent now, that I didn't have in 2002 when I started blogging. But now I have to think about what exactly it is that brought me to write Hammered, and put it in a slightly more socially acceptable way than "I was entranced by cyberpunk, and I was mad at it."


Guess it's time to stop waxing this particular cat and get busy.


In other news, today I collected a urine sample from a Great Dane. That seems like a noteworthy experience to have in one's lifetime.


But is it as noteworthy as midnight in the Toledo bus station?

You know, I've never been to Toledo.
How noteworthy is that, exactly?
Beats me, but I have seen it as one of those things you should do before you die, like live in New York City. It was, I have to admit, more surreal than, say, wandering sunlit Reykjavik streets at midnight on too little sleep.

You know, I think ""I was entranced by cyberpunk, and I was mad at it." is perfectly socially acceptable.

But then, perhaps I am not the society for which you are trying to write.
Nothing socially unacceptable about "I was entranced by cyberpunk, and I was mad at it." I can see you might need to pad it out a bit to make the word count, but looks fine for a topic sentence....
*g* Well, if Anne hates what I sent her, I now have a fallback position....