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Back to the future ^H^H^H^H^H^H fourth grade

Vonnegut's killed off poor Kilgore Trout. Again.

(via hernewshoes)


So I'm supposed to write this essay. Sort of a "how I spent my summer vacation" thing for the Spectra Pulse newsletter, about how I came to write Hammered and its children. How I got interested in the stuff that lead to the creation of this book.

Boy, I never thought this journal would come in so handy. I've got all this practice being self-indulgent now, that I didn't have in 2002 when I started blogging. But now I have to think about what exactly it is that brought me to write Hammered, and put it in a slightly more socially acceptable way than "I was entranced by cyberpunk, and I was mad at it."


Guess it's time to stop waxing this particular cat and get busy.


In other news, today I collected a urine sample from a Great Dane. That seems like a noteworthy experience to have in one's lifetime.


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